Nick Radge explains commission drag

Commission Drag; Managing Your Trading Expenses

Published May 18th, 2021 Commission drag is often an unknown factor  for new traders. However it is essential and any professional trader will be able to tell you their figure. So what is commission drag? It’s the cost of trading. Like any business you need to assess all revenue and expenses to determine if you’re […]

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Find a trading strategy

Find a strategy. Validate It. Do It. That’s the key!

Published January 20th, 2020 Find a strategy. Validate it. Do it. That’s the key to trading and investing success in a nutshell. However, there are many myths that swirl across the online trading world about what works and what doesn’t so it’s very important to validate. As an example let’s look at the Bearish Outside […]

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Find a trading strategy

Find a strategy. Validate It. Do It. (Part 2)

Published January 20th, 2020 Last week we looked at the BORD pattern traded on the S&P 500 ETF ($SPY). It offered an elegantly simple setup with reasonable results. As presented, this is known as a ‘single market system’ meaning it was designed and built to trade one market. However, single market systems tend to be […]

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gold stocks

Gold Stocks: All That Sparkles Is Gold?

Published January 20th, 2020 It’s been a disturbing few years for hard-core Gold bugs as the precious metal declined from $1900 to a recent floor of $1200 (note this article may no longer be up to date but it still contains valuable information). It is commonly said that the market will take as much money […]

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Trading capital

Trading Capital: Think Outcome Before Input

Published May 18th, 2021 Trading capital: how much money do I need to start trading? We hear that some 95% of traders fail. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know, but it is recognised that the vast majority of new traders fail. The ‘why’ is probably for a number of reasons, including lack of […]

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Managing Disappointment as a Share Trader

Published January 21st, 2020 Managing disappointment as a trader, especially as a new trader, is a tough job. Disappointment manifests itself in many different ways when trading or investing. It’s one of those psychological traits that must be overcome in order to move forward to achieve our longer term goals. Generally disappointment stems from having […]

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Keep it simple

Keeping It Simple

Published January 21st, 2020 For some reason, when people think of building a trading strategy they do not consider keeping it simple. I commonly see very complex trading plans and strategies. This one came across my desk recently: Share prices are predominantly above 30 week EMA A golden cross with two moving averages of different […]

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DSesign a trading strategy to suit your personality

Create Your Own Trading Strategy

Published May 26th, 2020 It’s hard to envisage or create your own trading strategy. As much as we’d like to wake one morning and be a better trader, taking your trading up a notch will take some effort and work, not unlike succeeding in any field. From experience, I find the best way to move […]

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Holiday photo

Trading During Holidays; How to Manage Your Trades

Published January 6th, 2020 I’m often asked what people should do with trading positions when on holidays. Unfortunately there is no simple answer. For example, are you away for 2‐days, 2‐weeks or 2‐months? Will there be reliable and secure internet access at your destination? (TIP: Do not login to a trading account using free Wi‐Fi). […]

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dick smith

Leverage and Position Sizing

Published January 21st, 2020 In recent articles we’ve been discussing risk management, so today I’d like to extend the conversation and introduce leverage. If you’ve not read the first two articles HERE and HERE, then it’s probably worthwhile before starting on this one. We all know about the “2% Rule”, technically known as Fixed Fractional […]

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