Trade profitably with money management

How to Trade Profitably

Published August 9th, 2021 I like to show people how to trade profitably. Many years ago I travelled around Australia running a seminar showing people how to manage their risk appropriately. The videos for this seminar are titled The Profitable Trader and are available here. In the seminar I suggest that the 2% rule is […]

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How to trade the stock market

Learn How to Trade the Stock Market

Published April 27th, 2020 Want to learn how to trade the stock market? If we use an analogy; teaching my daughter how to drive. I had hair before I started teaching her to drive. Now I have none. When you teach a teenager how to drive, the quantitative rules are pretty straight forward. Put your […]

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Trading the Trends in the Stock Market

Trading the Trends in the Stock Market

Published April 28th, 2020 Trends can’t not exist. The economy is always shifting back or forth, and human sentiment which is ultimately the driver of the market, is always shifting backwards and forwards –and therefore trends will always occur. I had a run in with a very major Australian educator whom in 2009 came out […]

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I’m not a stock picker

I’m not a Stock Picker

Published April 30th, 2020 I’m not a stock picker. To give you an idea, over the last six or seven years my major trend following strategy here in Australia that trades long only equities, my win rate is about 49.6%. During that time, my compounded annualised return is about 18% compared to the market 2.7%. […]

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Trend Following System

Published April 30th, 2020 A trend following system has got rules. Simple does work. It really does work. People tend to look for complexity. People tend go for a strategy that has a higher winning percentage. But that’s wrong. Simplicity works best because simplicity is robust and it works exceptionally well. In my book Unholy […]

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trading big picture week

How I became a Professional trader

Published May 5th, 2020 So how did I become a Professional Trader? I was unwittingly introduced to trend following. A friend worked for a big, well established stock broking firm, and he was looking for a clerk. So it ticked all my boxes; I got to catch a train to work, carry a briefcase, and […]

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Nick and Trish Radge will be in touch

Investing for your Retirement

Published May 8th, 2020 Do you have a retirement fund? For our retirement Trish and I have used a trend following strategy called the Growth Portfolio since 2006 and we trade it within our SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund). The Growth Portfolio accounts for about 85% of the value of our retirement account and we […]

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About Mean Reversion strategies

Amibroker for Building and Testing Trading Systems

Published March 20th, 2020 Craig Fisher and I work together to develop systems using Amibroker. Craig is the best coder I’ve come across and he is a great mentor to our Trading System Mentor Course students. So why AmiBroker? Amibroker is inexpensive, it can do anything you want; it can automate processes, it can do […]

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How do you know if your trading strategy is no longer working

How do you know if your trading strategy is no longer working?

Published September 1st, 2020 Is your Trading Strategy Working? Let’s say you’ve got a long only trend following system. A long only trend following system is not going to do particularly well in a sideways market or a downwards market. That’s a fact of life. It is designed specifically to profit extensively when the market […]

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How Long is a Trading System valid for

How Long is a Trading System valid for?

Published May 22nd, 2020 Q. When you go live with a system, how long do you actually expect it to last for and continue to give you a trading edge. Do you anticipate that it may only be good for a certain amount of time, whether that’s a couple years? Or, if it’s truly robust, […]

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