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The Chartist

Why trade with The Chartist?
We’ll help you become a better trader.

We understand you want to become a successful trader. Without compromising your time. Having a second income and building towards a comfortable retirement, perhaps even a legacy for your kids, are achievable goals. We can help you get there.

It’s our goal to help you fast track your trading and investing knowledge and start building the future you want, now.

Follow our proven process and strategies, and you’ll be trading like The Chartist pro’s in no time.

Share trading
made easy.

Charting and technical analysis can be confusing. We simplify the information for you, deliver it to you daily in ‘bite-size chunks’ and show you how to act on it.

These days everyone is busy. While the idea of ‘trading for a living’ sounds glamorous, the reality is, it’s not. The truth? Full-time traders are bored senseless for the majority of the time, punctuated by short bursts of activity when the market moves – if you want that, we’re not for you.

Our daily systematic trading strategies advise exactly when to buy, sell and how much.

We help you trade with life balance. You can stay working on your career or enjoy your retirement, all while trading the stock market and building your wealth. You can be confident in the knowledge that the systems you are following are proven, robustly tested and that the same recommendations we offer you are used by our team.

How does it work?

We use technical analysis methods to measure the stock market and identify patterns and trends. We then present you with trading ideas based on a sensible basis upon which to make sound investment and trading decisions, reduce exposure and protect against risk.

When you trade with The Chartist, you choose your level of involvement. You can follow our proven trading strategies, or you can make your own decisions supported by our expert analysts’ chart chart research.

Why use systematic trading?

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Stock prices and the financial markets are driven by sentiment. If you wanted to buy a stock but did not have a strategy to follow, what would you do? You would probably read the business section of the newspaper, listen to the stock picks on Sky News, or phone a friend. You would unconsciously be influenced by sentiments and bias of other people.

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These sentiments influence stock prices. Systematic trading doesn’t. When we take human emotion and sentiment out of the decision-making process and rely solely on a computer generated and back-tested trading strategy that recognises these patterns, we can be involved in the market without the influence of other people. This form of trading is more reliable and reduces risk.

Stop searching online for answers or a silver bullet.

Our systematic trading strategies prove time and time again they work. We make it easy for everyday traders to grow their wealth by providing proven trading strategies that remove the guesswork and deliver long-term growth. In just 10-minutes a day, you can trade the Australian and US stock markets and be on the path to building the future you want.

Access our share market expertise to grow your wealth.

When you start trading with us, you’ll gain exclusive access to over 100-years of combined share market experience. Our customers constantly tell us how quickly they’ve increased their share trading knowledge once they make the switch to trading with us.

Be your own investment manager.
Take control of your future, today.

Why is it important for you to manage your own investment portfolio?
Stock prices and the market are driven by sentiment. Global financial maket events can suddenly influence buyer behaviour. Systematic trading however removes the guesswork. We remove human emotion and rely on backtested trading strategies that recognise these patterns. With The Chartist, you can protect your capital while building your wealth.

Start your trading journey
with The Chartist.

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