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Managed Account

Accelerate your wealth with our
investment system for wholesale investors.

This Multi Strategy Program is a high conviction, high performance managed account designed to potentially provide you with outsized returns.

Expected performance

This program is a genuine active strategy that is founded on a consistent, disciplined, and proven investment approach. Using a top-down quantitative approach the program selectively invests in high growth stocks on the Australian and US markets.

While being a long-only approach, the strategy has the mandate to revert to a 100% cash position during sustained downward environments. This mechanism controls downside exposure that in turn attempts to increase the long-term risk adjusted return profile.

Performance and market update – June 2024

How our Managed Account service works

The Multi Strategy Program relies on dual momentum across two equity markets. It looks to identify the strongest stocks in each market on a relative strength basis while also making sure there is positive market momentum.

The use of this dual momentum approach across markets and timeframes generates a robust overall approach. It is an actively managed strategy, highly sensitive to overall market conditions often moving quickly between a 100% cash and 100% invested position. A risk-averse approach is still maintained by turning to cash in weaker markets.

No discretionary input. Systematic trading only.

Being a fully quantitative approach, there is no discretionary input from the investment manager.

The benefits of investing are:

  • Access to a portfolio that aims to deliver high growth returns over the medium to long term.

  • Defensive stance during sustained bear markets.

  • Individually managed account for full transparency.

  • Supported by extensive academic literature and empirical data.

  • Invest alongside highly experienced professionals who undertake comprehensive ongoing research.

Who is this program for?

This program is open to Australian investors who meet the requirements of a Wholesale or Sophisticated Investor under the Corporations Act 2001.

  • Trusts and Self Managed Super Funds(SMSFs): The Trustees or Directors of the Trustee have gross income of AUD 250,000 p.a. over each of the last 2 years and or net assets of AUD 2,500,000 or the SMSF makes a single investment of at least AUD 500,000.
  • Individuals: Gross income of AUD 250,000 p.a. over each of the last 2 years or net assets of AUD 2,500,000.
  • Requirement: an Accountants certificate, certifying they meet one of the above requirements.
  • Important Information
    Investment Advisor: Harbourside Capital (AFS Rep # 448907)
    Investment Manager: The Chartist Pty Limited (AFS Rep # 1282007)

The impressive returns speak volumes

“I am delighted to endorse The Chartist’s managed account offering. The service has consistently exceeded my expectations from the comprehensive prospectus, seamless operations, professionalism and communication. Most importantly, the impressive returns speak volumes. I wholeheartedly recommend Nick and his managed fund service to fellow investors.”

Michael R.

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