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Jumpstart your trading journey with our free resources.

Access decades of trading experience and jumpstart your journey with these free resources designed to accelerate your share trading knowledge.

Beginner Traders article series

Like most journeys, there’s no right or correct place where everyone must begin. At The Chartist, it is not unusual to receive emails asking for help to understand terminology or ways to get started. The Beginner Traders article series is a good place to start learning about systematic trading.

New Trader’s Blueprint course

Get your trading on track with a profitable trading plan. Every successful trader has a plan and the best way for you to become a profitable trader is to build a trading plan to suit your goals, your lifestyle and the future you want. This course will help you work toward a simple yet profitable plan which you can apply to any financial market.

Successful Stock Trading mini course

Your aim is to be profitable. Our aim is to help you understand how to make yourself profitable. This mini course explores the simple math behind profitable trading, and from this, the lessons that can be implemented to increase the profitability of your trading.

Essential Trading Glossary

Our comprehensive Glossary will see you join the ranks of savvy traders as you master the language of the share market. Download our free Glossary today and empower yourself with the terminology and knowledge to start trading with confidence.

On the Charts

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