Trish, Zach and Nick Radge

Can Successful Trading Be Taught?

Why is it that some traders seemingly make consistent money year after year, yet for most it’s a constant struggle or a losing proposition? Do the winners have an insider ‘secret sauce’ or do they possess some innate ability to read the market? You may have heard of the famous Turtles Trader experiment between Richard Dennis and William […]

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$100,000 to invest

What if I have $100,000 to invest?

What if I have $100,000 to invest? What are my options if I have a significant amount of money to Invest? So, you (finally?) have a decent stash of capital and you are wondering how you might invest it. You also have time to invest and learn from experts. You want to be an independent […]

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who can help me trade

Who can help me Learn to Trade?

The Chartist provides trading strategies and research for clients. Learn who are we and why we think differently from other analysts. Let us introduce you to our team and learn how The Chartist can help you.   Nick Radge is the Director and Head of Trading & Research at The Chartist. He is also a […]

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how to get started in shares

How do I get started in Stocks and Shares?

Investing in the share market is a great way to diversify away from the property market. Shares (or stocks, same thing) are a liquid asset meaning they can be cashed in a short time frame. A property, on the other hand, is illiquid as it is not easily or quickly converted to cash. You can […]

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Is Trading Easy to Learn?

Is trading easy to learn? You are ready and motivated to give it a try. Learning something new requires hard work. It requires discipline and hours of practice over the longer term. Think about it like you would if you decided you wanted to run 5km. It would take drive, passion, practice, time to build […]

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better trader

How to become a better trader in 10 minutes a day.

Do you have 10 minutes a day to spare? You have a busy life with work, kids, family, friends. Yet, you are delving into the world of trading and want to know more. And you want to be a successful trader (of course!). Can you find 10 minutes a day to focus on your trading […]

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3 Things to Do Immediately to Learn About Investing

Investing is using your money in different ways with the view to gain a positive return over time. There are many ways to invest, and you need to find out what risk you are willing to take with your capital. In other words, you need to determine your risk appetite. So, you are brand new […]

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14 days

14 Days to A Better Trading Education

Better Trading Education in 14 days? You have made the decision that you want to be a successful trader. Then the question is, how can I do this? Our goal at The Chartist is to help you become a successful trader. The benefits of The Chartist are first that we are trading with you. These […]

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best trading books

Best Trading Books for Share Trading

We asked Nick Radge what is one book you believe is a must read for any trader starting out? If you are a beginner, a particularly good start as a very basic introductory book would be: 1. Trading for a Living by Dr. Alexander Elder It is an oldie but a goodie.. If you are […]

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are trading course worth it

Are Trading Courses Worth It?

You want to learn how to trade but you are wondering, are stock trading courses worth the investment? Learning is the process of acquiring new understanding, knowledge, behaviour, skills, values, attitudes. We all learn in different ways so you need to find the best fit for you. If you learn by reading, then find some […]

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