dumb money and hype trading

“Dumb Money” and Hype Trading

We previously discussed how the market environment is ever-changing. One of the biggest changes in recent years is the unprecedented ease of access to markets now available to retail traders. Alongside this newfound market access, idle hands during the COVID crisis combined with blockchain frenzy to convert armchair quarterbacks to toilet stall fund managers. The […]

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Technical Analysis explained

Technical Analysis Explained Inside-Out

Technical analysis explained- and who better to explain it than Nick Radge? Nick chats with Owen Rask about all things technical analysis. This interview was hosted by SelfWealth <– use this affiliate link to get your first 5 trades free*. The Chartist originally started as a technical analysis portal with daily chart research. We still […]

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Amibroker Canada User Group presentation

Nick Radge presents to Amibroker Canada User Group

In December 2021, Nick Radge was asked to do an online presentation to the Amibroker Canada User Group. During the presentation Nick answered questions such as: What allocations do you recommend to the various markets and strategies as capital grows? What’s your thoughts of having just 5 or 10 positions in a portfolio? Have you […]

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Chat with Traders Nick Radge

6 Ways to Emulate Talented Traders by Aaron Fifield

Back in 2017 we were lucky to have Aaron Fifield, of Chat With Traders Podcast fame, attend Noosapalooza® to share his wisdom. After more than one hundred interviews (at the time), Aaron had managed to decipher the best ways to emulate talented traders. You can emulate talented traders like Nick Radge. Join The Chartist for […]

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10 Minute Stock Trader Interview

10 Minute Stock Trader Interview – watch now

I was recently interviewed by Christopher Uhl for the 10 Minute Stock Trader podcast. You can watch the video recording here. In the video we discuss how I got into trading, what I learnt from the Turtle Traders (and still do to this day), the difference between amateur and professional traders and how I trade a […]

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Finalists for Best Equity Research in the Technical Analyst Awards 2020

Finalists for Best Equity Research in the Technical Analyst Awards 2020

Finalists for Best Equity Research in the Technical Analyst Awards 2020 We are proud to announce The Chartist team were  finalists for Best Equity Research in the Technical Analyst Awards 2020. It’s our first time entering and a worldwide competition. Congratulations Pete, Scott, Craig and Nick for your analysis.

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Top Traders Unplugged

Top Traders Unplugged Podcast

Top Traders Unplugged’s episode 85 of The Systematic Trader Series podcast with Nick Radge Nick was interviewed by Niels Kaastrup-Larsen and Moritz Seibert, discussing Nick’s specific methods of systematic trading. Nick also discusses the importance of trading a strategy that suits your personality. Listen here: You can follow Niels, Jerry Parker, Moritz & Nick on […]

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Andrew Swanscott’s Top Five Tips from his Nick Radge Interview

Trading Strategies: Nick Radge interview with Quant News

Nick Radge is renowned for his trading strategies and methods. Nick has been trading and investing since 1985, and has worked for global investment banks in Sydney, London and Singapore. An ex-Associate Director at Macquarie Bank and ran his own hedge fund. He was previously the Vice President of the Australian Technical Analysis Association. He […]

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moving averages

Moving Averages Podcast with Nick Radge

In May 2018 Nick Radge was interviewed Vox Markets CEO Martin Luke for the Moving Averages podcast. During this new series of podcasts Vox Markets will feature expert market analysis, interviews with top traders & commentators to bring you fresh insights into the world of finance. In this podcast Nick discusses the way he trades, advice […]

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market update

An Interview with Nick Radge from The Chartist

Find out a bit more about the biggest lesson Nick Radge has learnt as he answers some great interview questions from his trading journey. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned through trading? Patience. You’ve got to be patient. You just need a relatively simple system applied over the longer term, and that requires patience. When […]

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