Top Traders Unplugged Podcast

Top Traders Unplugged

Top Traders Unplugged’s episode 85 of The Systematic Trader Series podcast with Nick Radge

Nick was interviewed by Niels Kaastrup-Larsen and Moritz Seibert, discussing Nick’s specific methods of systematic trading. Nick also discusses the importance of trading a strategy that suits your personality.

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Nick mentions the Trading System Mentor Course whereby you can learn to design, build, code and test your own trading strategies.

Top Traders Unplugged podcast highlights:

0:00 –        Intro
1:05 –        Macro recap from Niels
4:04 –        Weekly review of returns
5:42 –        Niels: For some context, tell us about little about your journey in trading so far.
17:58 –      Niels: How have you made Trend Following strategies work on stocks?
22:48 –      Niels: Why have you chosen to only trade equities on the long-side?
34:21 –      Niels: How do you operate your different types of trading systems?  Do you always run them at the same time?
38:37 –     Moritz: How do you help your clients today?
48:29 –     Moritz: Do your clients ever have enough impact on the market to cause you to adapt your systems?
53:07 –     Niels: Do you operate your US stocks portfolio the same as on Australian stocks?
58:47 –     Niels: Are the Australian equity markets liquid?
1:00:53 –  Niels: Why do you think the recent crash is similar to 1987?
1:16:30 –  Question 1: Michael; How do you incorporate Risk Management into your system?
1:24:19 –  Questions 2&3: Michael; How should I size positions for trades based on Moving Averages? Can you recommend any Trading books, especially related to Risk Management?
1:30:40 –  Performance recap