Top Traders Unplugged Podcast

Top Traders Unplugged

Published August 20th, 2021

Top Traders Unplugged’s episode 85 of The Systematic Trader Series podcast with Nick Radge

Nick was interviewed by Niels Kaastrup-Larsen and Moritz Seibert, discussing Nick’s specific methods of systematic trading. Nick also discusses the importance of trading a strategy that suits your personality.

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Nick mentions the Trading System Mentor Course whereby you can learn to design, build, code and test your own trading strategies.

Top Traders Unplugged podcast highlights:

0:00 –        Intro
1:05 –        Macro recap from Niels
4:04 –        Weekly review of returns
5:42 –        Niels: For some context, tell us about little about your journey in trading so far.
17:58 –      Niels: How have you made Trend Following strategies work on stocks?
22:48 –      Niels: Why have you chosen to only trade equities on the long-side?
34:21 –      Niels: How do you operate your different types of trading systems?  Do you always run them at the same time?
38:37 –     Moritz: How do you help your clients today?
48:29 –     Moritz: Do your clients ever have enough impact on the market to cause you to adapt your systems?
53:07 –     Niels: Do you operate your US stocks portfolio the same as on Australian stocks?
58:47 –     Niels: Are the Australian equity markets liquid?
1:00:53 –  Niels: Why do you think the recent crash is similar to 1987?
1:16:30 –  Question 1: Michael; How do you incorporate Risk Management into your system?
1:24:19 –  Questions 2&3: Michael; How should I size positions for trades based on Moving Averages? Can you recommend any Trading books, especially related to Risk Management?
1:30:40 –  Performance recap