Power Setups by Craig Fisher and Nick Radge
Craig Fisher and Nick Radge - Power Setups® Portfolio Analysts
The Power Setups® offers stock picks and short term trading strategies covering both the Australian and US stock markets. Our strategies are simple to follow and quick to implement. All strategies are end-of-day so you do not need to monitor the markets during the day. For traders interested in the Australian market we offer:
→ Discretionary Portfolio for pure technical trading setups. Ideal for CFD traders.For traders interested in the US and global markets we offer:
→ Discretionary Portfolio for pure technical trading setups.
→ High-Frequency Portfolio to provide more consistent returns – ideal if you’re looking for a second income.

Why the Power Setups®?

√ End of day strategies allowing you to manage trades in a time-effective way after market hours.
√ A variety of portfolios to suit different traders needs and risk profiles.
√ Specific buy and sell signals plus trade management keys.
√ Daily commentary including trend and momentum direction.
√ Cost-effective. Low membership fee. No expensive software. Use your preferred online broker.

The Power Setups® are easy to follow:

Step 1
Login to The Chartist Members Area each evening (or after 11am for US trades)
Step 2
Choose which trades you would like to take or which stocks you need to sell
Step 3
Login to your online broking account and place your trades.
Step 4
Get on with life!

How much do the Power Setups© cost?

Only about $2.42 per day! You can join the Power Setups® for $605 per year each OR you may prefer to have access to ALL The Chartist’s portfolios for only $1320 – that’s only $5.28 per weekday, less than your take away coffee and muffin!