Trading System Mentor Course by Craig FIsher and Nick Radge
Craig Fisher and Nick Radge, Trading System Mentors


Trading Systems Mentorship Program – 6 months of personal guidance with Nick Radge and Craig Fisher.

Are you interested in trading a diversified portfolio of strategies?

Over 150 individuals have successfully completed the Trading System Mentor Course and a small number have gone on to developing a new career based on their new knowledge. Each participant gains the ability to design, code, test, and implement a variety of strategies, ranging from trend following, monthly or weekly momentum to mean reversion, day trading systems and ETF investment strategies.

The Trading System Mentor Course provides personalized mentoring for six months, featuring extensive tutorials, videos, quizzes, and tasks born out of over 60 years of combined experience. For the first time, we’re consolidating our extensive trading knowledge into one comprehensive program.

Upon ordering, you’ll gain immediate access to decades worth of effort, experience, and knowledge. None of the content is dripped over time – you receive the entire package upfront. While the course allows you to progress at your own pace, you’re on the fast track to achieving results.

If you’re new to system trading, you may have numerous questions as you navigate the learning process. We’re here to provide the personal support you need.

Having a personal mentor accelerates your learning and offers the assistance necessary for faster results compared to going it alone.

No more virtual roadblocks – you’ll have continuous support.

Accountability is a key component. Upon completion of the Trading System Mentor Course, you’ll engage in real-time trading with unseen market data for a minimum of three months. The expectation is to trade with an execution confidence level of at least 95%.

This is not just another disposable course. We ensure you apply your newfound knowledge and start generating profits immediately.

Serious applicants only, please. We value our time and are committed to helping individuals genuinely interested in becoming successful traders.

Similar to any advanced education, a significant investment of time and effort is required. The Trading System Mentor Course provides valuable information, but success hinges on your dedication and application of this newfound knowledge.

The Trading System Mentor Course may not be suitable for everyone.

Consider this program only if:

– You are certain of the quality of our services and have no doubts about the value we deliver.
– You are fully committed to becoming a successful systems trader. If you feel the need for a refund policy, this course may not be the right fit.
– You have sufficient trading capital to ensure the course makes financial sense. If your capital is between $50,000 and $100,000, this program may not be the most economical choice. However, if you have more than $100,000, you could potentially recoup the program cost by learning how to avoid significant losses.
– You are ready for a challenge. Commitment is essential, and overcoming obstacles is part of the journey toward achieving your objectives.