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Become a confident, self-reliant trader with the skills to build your own trading systems.

Stock prices and the financial markets are driven by sentiment, influenced by bias and opinion. Systematic trading isn’t. When you build your own systems, you remove emotion from the decision-making process and rely solely on tested strategy. This form of trading is more reliable, reduces risk, and can be built to suit your individual preferences and lifestyle.

Learn a better trading system

New to systematic trading or want to accelerate your knowledge? In these courses, we equip you with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to develop your own trading systems.

Beginner's Guide to Building Trading Systems

Learn the essential skills and knowledge necessary to develop your own trading systems and achieve trading independence.

The Chartist Mentor Course

Accelerate your trading journey by learning to design and code your own trading strategies with our 6 month trading system mentor course.

Build Your Own Trading Systems.
DIY trading at its core.

Want to follow our trading strategies without having to write the code yourself?

Our RealTest turnkey code enables traders to use our proven strategies with the RealTest intuitive multi-strategy backtesting software. Turnkey code provides access to all of a strategy’s rules, with nothing hidden.

RealTest Turnkey
Strategy Code

Follow our proven trading strategies without having to write code yourself.

Backtesting Software

RealTest is an intuitive software that makes building your own systems easy.

Have some questions?

Looking for guidance as to how to get started with your DIY trading? Not sure which system best suits you? Send us an enquiry and we’ll be happy to help.

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