Why use The Chartist?

You want to be a successful trader and our goal is to help you become a successful trader.

Charting and technical analysis can be confusing but we simplify the information for you, deliver it to you daily in ‘bite-size chunks’ and show you how to act on it.

As a member, you will receive clear investment and trading instructions making your job quicker and simpler.

We tell you which stocks to buy, how many stocks to buy, which stocks to sell and exactly how much money to risk on each trade. We provide a simple calculator to determine your position size based on your capital.

These days everyone is busy and whilst the idea of ‘trading for a living’ sounds glamorous, it’s not. Staring at price charts on a computer screen all day (and night) is not fun. The reality is that full-time traders are bored senseless for the majority of the time punctuated by short bursts of activity when the market moves. If you want that, you can have it!

How Your Membership Works

You get access to new trading advice each evening. You log into the member’s area, review the analysis, place any new trades with your online broker, and log out.

It’s that simple.

To give you an idea, it takes Nick Radge less than 10 minutes a day to place trades for the Growth Portfolio which he uses to manage his SMSF. If you choose to trade The Chartist short term strategies (Power Setups®) add another 10 minutes.

Quick, right? You can have a life, work on improving your career, enjoy your retirement but still trade the stock market and build your wealth in the knowledge that the systems you are following are proven, robustly tested and that we’re following the same recommendations you are.


Why is it so important for you to manage your own finances, your own investments? First, think about this:

Did the global market downturn take you by surprise?

The Australian Share Market Special Report 2007

If your financial advisor or fund manager did not recognise the signs, did not warn you of impending disaster then you need to sack your advisors! We don’t want you to be financially crippled by another GFC-style event (which should never have occurred in the first place).


Trish and Nick Radge trade the Growth Portfolio in their SMSF, the US Momentum strategy and the high-frequency US Power Setups® for their short term trading. Our analysts declare their holdings whenever advising on a stock they hold.

The Chartist is a bespoke stock market advisory service employing technical analysis methods to measure market probabilities, identify patterns and trends as well as offering you a sensible basis upon which to make sound investment and trading decisions, reduce exposure and protect against risk.

Nick Radge and the team at The Chartist have a unique level of experience. Nick has over 35-years of direct market experience.

A random survey of Chartist members offers you this comforting feedback:

The Chartist is here to help and support you with your trading and investment needs. Contact us at any time to discuss your requirements – Nick or Trish Radge, the business owners, will answer the phone – your call is that important to us.

Are you ready to take control of your investments? Then join The Chartist. You will have access to all analysis – short term trading, long term investing and charting analysis plus the full range of resources including videos, trading courses and articles. Why wait? You won’t regret it.