Testimonials for The Chartist

Erica B

Gold Coast

Leuk Andersen


Peter Bell

Bellmont Securities

Damian D


Joanne S


Nick R


Kevin and Adriana S


Jeff P

Gold Coast

Paul H

Perth, WA

I attended the Noosapalooza conference in July 2015. I found the event to be excellent. The organisation and timing of events was very well done, the location was outstanding and Nick and his guests put on informative and entertaining (and diverse) sessions.

Nick and Trish were great hosts and the entire experience was top notch.

Jorg B

South Africa

Hey Nick.Thanks for the great work.It`s through your work that I got my biggest breakthrough ever in trading.I feel like IOU a million Dollars for all your great work.

Jenny R

Roseville, NSW

Based upon his knowledge, expertise and and global experience Nick is a recognized expert in his field . He is always willing to assist clients, both retail and wholesale, and spends much of his time researching to better his knowledge and strategies.

Ryan S

PepperIT, NSW

Nick and his Chartist service taught me more about successful investing in 3 months than I had previously acquired in 10+ years of reading and researching myself. I cannot recommend Nick and the Chartist service enough. My only regret is that I wasn’t a member earlier.

Adam S

Coolum Beach, QLD

I have sought the advice of Nick Radge in regards to the many aspects of Trend Analysis. I have found his knowledge and abilities first class and would highly recommend the use of his services for those working with or interested in the field of Investment Trend Analysis.

Max K

Murrumbateman, NSW

Nick is a first-class technical analyst and educator. He has a great ability to transfer and explain his knowledge and experience in a simple and understandable way.

Paul, A

Melbourne, VIC

Nick has been at the fore-front of trading and technical analysis. This has been exemplified by the excellent books he has written and the educational and informative lectures he gives.

Dale C

Elanora Heights, NSW

You have shown the best support in the finance industry I have found to date!

Fay B

Camp Mountain, QLD

Your service is very easy to recommend – I think your whole team does a great job.

David C

Hobart, TAS

I am delighted with the Growth Portfolio and wish that I had found you sooner.

Brian B

Ocean View, QLD

I only refer [friends] because I believe you guys are the most genuine and best value for money in this space.

Marty G


First off I would like to thank you and your team for putting in the effort to provide a great product/service. You guys put in the work without trying to constantly market your product and boast about any big wins you get, like many subscription packages online.

Rob B

Cardiff, NSW

It’s great to hear from the person who designed the system and also takes the trades!

Rick & Helen

Perth, WA

As SMSF retirees we left our Financial Planner and his lack of knowledge behind early this year. That proved a wise move. More losses and anguish would have been avoided had we found Nick [earlier]. Nick’s insights and suggestions have been invaluable, our situation more stable and sleeping has become much easier.

Richard T

Kenmore, QLD

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the information and education I have received in my first months membership. As a Financial Planner and active investor I have learned more in the last 30 days about charting than I had in the last 5 years. On 2 trades I have paid for the next 2 years membership.

Andrew W

South Yarra, VIC

If you are looking for truly indpendent advice then look no further than Nick Radge’s The Chartist. Whilst Nick is a master of Elliott Wave and looking at price action, I have found him to always balance his price analysis with an understanding of the fundamentals at play.

Will S

Brisbane, QLD

The Chartist offers high-quality share analysis and trading advice. What I like is a focus on long term outperformance of the index, through a slow-and-steady and data-driven approach. The service is also very good value for money. I’ve recommended The Chartist to friends and will continue to do so.

Daniel P

Perth, WA

Multiple high quality trading systems. Very easy to implement and trade.
Good value given the historical performance profiles. Currently using for my SMSF.

Antony B

Auckland, NZ

I’ve been part of the Chartist family since about 2013 when I saw Nick presenting at a seminar. Always great to deal with and have a great offering that is frequently refined.

Peter G

Adelaide, SA

I have been a long term subscriber of The Chartist for over a decade now. The Chartist has taken me from a novice investor/trader to a level where I can make my own decisions in the markets with confidence knowing what to look for, how to enter a trade allowing profits to run, cutting losses, manage risk, position sizing and personally successfully managing my portfolio’s.
This has happened by listening and testing my own knowledge against the reviews posted daily on The Chartist and learning from the team.

Geoff M

Balmain NSW

Nick and Trish, I have enjoyed my 4 months membership so much. It’s…cut 12 months off my target date for retirement, no kidding. Also I think the transparency and reliability of your administration and reporting (that’s you Trish) is a pleasure to experience.

Graeme S

Perth, WA

Nick, I must thank you for taking someone who knew nothing and educating me to the point where I have a second income.