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comfortable being uncomfortable

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Can you be comfortable with the thought of being uncomfortable? I’ve been trading since 1985 and yes, I lost everything in 1987 – young, arrogant and leveraged to the hilt. It was inevitable. So it’s always been my fear that a repeat of 1987 could occur again. But that didn’t stop me trading. Yet the […]

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The Chartist Update for November 2020

In this brief video Nick provides The Chartist update of new products and services available to increase your trading opportunities. Despite COVID-19 it’s been a great year on the markets. Some of our portfolios are up at 30 or 40%, some are up over 60%. So looking forward to the year ahead, low interest rates […]

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ASX Momentum strategy release

New Release 1st December 2020

Our new release is now set for 1 December 2020! Whilst our Growth Portfolio has been our stalwart portfolio since 2006, we continue to learn and research new techniques to give our clients a leading edge. One of our new offerings for 2021 will be a strategy specifically designed to invest in the top 100 […]

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whats in a universe

What’s In a Universe?

We tend to look at ‘the stockmarket’ as one large universe of constituents. Whilst that is true, what many fail to see is that it actually contains numerous sub-universes that, in and of themselves, move to different beats. For example, in recent times the NASDAQ has been the dominant force. I remember back in 2014/15 […]

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turnkey graph

Long/Short Day Trade Strategy – Part 2

Last week I discussed the benefits of a long/short day trade strategy which generated a lot of questions. If you missed that article, you can find it HERE. Some clarification before we go any further. In a recent interview with Better Systems Trader LIVE I said that I hadn’t found a short side system worthy of trading and […]

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correlation 2020

Long/Short Day Trade Strategy

A Long/Short strategy is typically designed to provide greater capital protection when markets turn down and ideally offer uncorrelated returns to equity markets and other asset classes. The usual process is buying companies with outstanding fundamentals and selling short companies with deteriorating businesses. The theory is those that have done well will continue to do […]

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Nick Radge explains diversification

Diversification for Consistent Equity Growth

Diversification means different things to different people. Nick Radge trades predominantly equities in the Australian and US markets, long only. Before watching this video please read our RISK STATEMENT. This video discusses how Nick Radge diversifies his portfolio. He is NOT giving personal advice. Speak to your accountant, adviser or financial planner before you embark […]

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Gold Chart Research 24 September 2020

Is Gold Really That Good?

Gold! We’ve had a several queries about Gold in the last few weeks. Scott Goddard regularly reviews Gold in the Global Chart Research section for members. Yesterday (24th Sept) Scott posted his latest Gold review. You can read and watch a short video of Scott’s review here. BOTTOM LINE 24 September 2020: Daily Trend: Down […]

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chart crimes

Chart Crimes

We’ve all been exposed to chart crimes. Social media, namely FinTwit, probably contains the worst (best?) chart crimes. Here is a typical example. In 2017 FactSet Data posted the chart below. The blue line is the 1987 crash. The green line was an overlay of the stock market in 2017, the conclusion (allusion) being that […]

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stock exchange

Is a Stretched 200-day Average a Proxy for a Trend Reversal?

In the last week several commentators have been discussing the extreme distance between the NASDAQ and its 200-day moving average. Theory is that when the index is stretched far above its 200-day moving average it’s more liable to snap back. Let’s take a look at: (a) Does an extreme stretched differential lead to a major […]

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