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Experiencing Drawdowns

Markets are extremely volatile at the moment and are expected to remain so for the foreseeable future. If you missed my market commentary from last week you can watch the video here. Many strategies are experiencing drawdowns in this environment. While these are never comfortable, they are an integral part of the trading process. I strongly […]

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market update by Nick Radge

Stock Market Update and Charts by Nick Radge 13 May 2022

It’s time for a stock market update by Nick Radge given the turbulent week we have had. In Australia, we have an election in a week’s time. Around the world we have the war in Ukraine, supply chain issues due to Covid 19 lockdowns in China and escalating inflation figures (including in Australia). Let’s see […]

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Radge Day Trade

Why You Need This Strategy

The S&P 500 is having its worst start to the year since 1988, currently -10% as at today’s close. The decline is greater than seen in 2008 and during the COVID collapse of 2020. The following real-time equity chart, whilst quite ugly, shows my personal day trade strategy which, year-to-date, is +29.94%. The irony here […]

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answer questions

The Chartist Questions

This week I’ll continue to answer questions from @thechartist Twitter feed. If you missed Part-1, you can read that HERE. Again, in no particular order or topic… Q: Do you find it difficult to look at anything from a fundamental perspective (Strategic Portfolio) given the predominant mindset and approach has been technicals for so long now?My use of fundamentals […]

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ask nick radge

The Chartist Twitter

Yesterday I put out a call on my The Chartist Twitter feed for topics of interest. There were a broad range of topics suggested, some trading, others not. Some weird. Some wonderful. This week we will knock out a few short and sweet answers. Next week we will get into a few more of the technical […]

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Pop-Psychology and Trading

You may not know that one of our resident technical gurus, Scott Goddard, also has a Diploma in Applied Psychology. On his Twitter feed this morning, Scott wrote,. “Psychology / Mindset whatever you want to call it, can be taught, and is an essential component towards becoming a successful trader. Yet you need to be […]

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The Chartist client question from Luke P.

The Chartist client question from Luke P. who asks…. “for the ASX momentum system as it’s a monthly system and if using a super account…where you can choose what to invest in, is there a difference between doing the sell orders on first trading day of month and buy orders on second trading day of […]

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Is the Market Random or Not

Is the Market Random or Not?

There has been some major market moves recently, some of which have been historic. These moves haven’t just been equity related, indeed, commodity markets and interest rates have been excessively volatile a confluence of world events takes place. With that comes a proliferation of statistics about future market moves, specifically, “…if x happens, then the […]

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Market Update Nick Radge

Market Update – 18 March 2022

Market Update by Nick Radge Watch the Market Update by Nick Radge for some insights on the market, 18th March 2022. Nick Radge talks you through the charts. Use the expand icon at the bottom right of the video to increase video size. We apologise for the quality of the video but our editing software […]

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Trish, Zach and Nick Radge

Can Successful Trading Be Taught?

Why is it that some traders seemingly make consistent money year after year, yet for most it’s a constant struggle or a losing proposition? Do the winners have an insider ‘secret sauce’ or do they possess some innate ability to read the market? You may have heard of the famous Turtles Trader experiment between Richard Dennis and William […]

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