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dumb money and hype trading

“Dumb Money” and Hype Trading

We previously discussed how the market environment is ever-changing. One of the biggest changes in recent years is the unprecedented ease of access to markets now available to retail traders. Alongside this newfound market access, idle hands during the COVID crisis combined with blockchain frenzy to convert armchair quarterbacks to toilet stall fund managers. The […]

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Evolving with the market

Evolving With The Market

A hot topic of discussion lately has been changes in market environments and their impact on investment strategies, especially regarding interest rates and inflation. Today, I thought I’d take a look at this problem from a data-driven perspective. It’s no secret that, when left unaltered, the performance of a trading strategy will  deteriorate over time. […]

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It's different this time

It’s Different This Time…

    Recently, I’ve come across a few articles that highlight a significant shift in the market dynamics over the past 18 months. Further Thoughts on Sea Change In “Further Thoughts on Sea Change” authored by Howard Marks, the CEO of the massive fund Oaktree, a thought-provoking perspective is presented, and I find myself in […]

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Weathering Financial Storms

Imagine having a financial tool that helps protect and grow your money, no matter the economic weather. One that is designed to work well when the economy is doing great, and also when the economy isn’t doing so well. Consider a well-balanced investment strategy that doesn’t put all your eggs in one basket. It spreads […]

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Why am I in cash

Why am I in cash?

Financial markets are currently experiencing a whirlwind of activity, characterized by some unprecedented movements in various instruments. Bond yields are surging to levels not witnessed since 2007. More concerning, however, is the remarkable increase in correlation between bond and stock prices, a phenomenon rarely observed in the past four decades. In the last 18 months, […]

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what is the best way to start trading

What is the best way to start trading?

Like most journeys, there’s no right or correct place where everyone must begin, but if you wanted to take up boxing, I wouldn’t recommend you start by challenging Floyd Mayweather to a fight. At The Chartist, it is not unusual to receive an email along the lines of the following: I have never traded before, […]

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current market conditions

Current market conditions

As many of our portfolios enter Portfolio Protect mode, we wanted to take a minute to address the current market conditions (September 2023) and the ongoing performance of The Chartist portfolios. At The Chartist, we make no attempts to hide the inevitability of drawdowns or lacklustre performance. These situations are fundamental parts of markets and trading. Understanding they can and will happen is an important factor […]

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Can Successful Trading Be Taught?

Can Successful Trading Be Taught? It’s been approximately 18 months since my last update on Zach’s trading journey. Back then, I penned an article posing the question, “Can Trading Success Be Learned?” If you haven’t had a chance to read that article yet, I highly recommend checking it out HERE to grasp the context. In […]

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Winning Lotto would be amazing. Shooting a hole in one would be amazing. Having a bank account like Warren Buffett would be amazing. But, unless you believe the Twitter bots, all are grossly unrealistic. Having a job is useful. Just staying on the fairway is useful (note to self). However, there’s a profound lesson in […]

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6 Steps to Build Confidence and Success

We all start somewhere – from learning the ropes to taking action. But here’s the kicker: there’s a jungle of options out there, and a bunch of armchair experts waiting to pounce on eager, unsuspecting new traders. Flashback to 1985, when I started – nada no books, no websites, no self-proclaimed gurus. I was drawing […]

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