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regime filters

The Importance of Regime Filters

Today we discuss regime filters and what impact they have on certain styles of trading systems. A regime filter, or index filter as it’s sometimes known, defines the trend of the broader market. Some strategies benefit from being aligned to that same trend, i.e. be long equities when the S&P 500 is trending up, but […]

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stock market terminology

Stock Market Terminology – Definitions and Usage

ABC Elliot wave terminology for a three-wave countertrend price movement. Wave A is the first price wave against the trend of the market. Wave B is a corrective wave to Wave A. Wave C is the final price move to complete the countertrend price move. Elliott wave followers study A and C waves for price […]

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12 month windows

Recency Bias

“The great strategy you can’t stick with is obviously vastly inferior to the very good strategy you can stick with.” That’s a great quote. Why? Too often aspiring traders look for the greatest strategy rather than looking for a reasonably good one and applying it for the long term. But here’s the thing. During certain […]

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Meme Stocks vs Hedge Fund Titans

This week the news is all about GameStop and the violent short squeeze that pushed a $12b hedge fund to the brink. GameStop (GME) is a struggling, mid-size retailer stuck in a legacy business — selling physical video games. Being in such a business has attracted large hedge funds, such as Melvin Capital, who have […]

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effective mean reversion

An Effective Mean Reversion System – Part 2

I laid the foundation for effective mean reversion trading, in Part 1. You may read that article HERE. I’ll build upon that now with a specific set of rules then test the outcome. In layman’s terms the rules are: When a stock is trending higher look for a heavily oversold point. Once an oversold level is […]

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Bridging The Performance Gap

We all live in our own pools of logic. When it comes to trading, much of that logic is driven by emotion. And, in my humble opinion, it’s emotion that differentiates the successful traders to those that are still finding their way. For example, we’ve released the new ASX Momentum strategy and have discussed its […]

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Portfolio Management System

Portfolio Management Software for The Chartist

Portfolio management software – Share Trade Tracker Share Trade Tracker is only available to paid members of The Chartist (not available with the free trial). It is no longer sold as a standalone product. You can join The Chartist here or members can request access to Share Trade Tracker here (you must use the email […]

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2020 Report Card

Let’s reflect on 2020. It’s always good to reflect on the past year, assess what went well, what lessons were learned and what potential changes can be made to optimise the year ahead. In my January 2020 client presentation, “Where Nick Radge is Putting his Money in 2020” I made a point of needing to […]

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real time strategy

Real Time Strategy Diversification

Several months ago I appeared on Better System Trader LIVE discussing the merits of diversification across different strategies. When a period of strategy under-performance occurs, most are tempted to jump ship and go looking for something better. Invariably that new strategy will run the same course and it becomes a case of chasing one’s tail. My view […]

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comfortable being uncomfortable

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Can you be comfortable with the thought of being uncomfortable? I’ve been trading since 1985 and yes, I lost everything in 1987 – young, arrogant and leveraged to the hilt. It was inevitable. So it’s always been my fear that a repeat of 1987 could occur again. But that didn’t stop me trading. Yet the […]

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