mentor course

5-Step Solution to Maximise Your Profits

Would you like a 5-step solution to maximise your profits? This article is a snippet from The Trading System Mentor Course. There are many different ways to grow an account. Using a linear method such as Fixed Fractional position sizing will do it, albeit slowly and surely. The key to growing the account is that you […]

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weekly strategy

Momentum with 52-Week High?

We recently received the following question from Michael G. “Have you ever back tested the momo (weekly) bull strategy- top 5 or ten stocks closest to 52 week high and then reload every week?” I haven’t tested this idea but let’s do it now. Here’s how we’ll start. Calculate the distance from the 52-week high […]

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The Importance of Regime Filters – Part 2

Last week we discussed Regime Filters and tested their significance on two longer-term trend style strategies. If you missed that, read about it HERE. The conclusion was that a regime filter can reduce drawdown by a reasonable amount, yet not overly impact returns. For the record, every longer-term strategy I trade, and those that we use […]

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12 month windows

Recency Bias

“The great strategy you can’t stick with is obviously vastly inferior to the very good strategy you can stick with.” That’s a great quote. Why? Too often aspiring traders look for the greatest strategy rather than looking for a reasonably good one and applying it for the long term. But here’s the thing. During certain […]

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Meme Stocks vs Hedge Fund Titans

This week the news is all about GameStop and the violent short squeeze that pushed a $12b hedge fund to the brink. GameStop (GME) is a struggling, mid-size retailer stuck in a legacy business — selling physical video games. Being in such a business has attracted large hedge funds, such as Melvin Capital, who have […]

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effective mean reversion

An Effective Mean Reversion System – Part 2

I laid the foundation for effective mean reversion trading, in Part 1. You may read that article HERE. I’ll build upon that now with a specific set of rules then test the outcome. In layman’s terms the rules are: When a stock is trending higher look for a heavily oversold point. Once an oversold level is […]

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Bridging The Performance Gap

We all live in our own pools of logic. When it comes to trading, much of that logic is driven by emotion. And, in my humble opinion, it’s emotion that differentiates the successful traders to those that are still finding their way. For example, we’ve released the new ASX Momentum strategy and have discussed its […]

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2020 Report Card

Let’s reflect on 2020. It’s always good to reflect on the past year, assess what went well, what lessons were learned and what potential changes can be made to optimise the year ahead. In my January 2020 client presentation, “Where Nick Radge is Putting his Money in 2020” I made a point of needing to […]

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k.i.s.s. trend following part 2

K.I.S.S. Trend Following – Part 2

In K.I.S.S. Trend Following Part 1 we were breaking down a trend following system into basic pieces starting with finding a low risk entry to limit losses. Now we’ll look at the second piece of the puzzle; running winners using a trailing stop. Before we get going, download your free Glossary:  A Guide to Market Terminology here. […]

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Trading Mastermind

Trading Mastermind Your special topic for today is Trading Psychology. Your time starts now. Question: How can you overcome your most debilitating psychological trading barriers? My Answer: Go out and get another job. We’ve discussed this before. And I don’t mean stop trading. I just mean add some other revenue streams into your bread winning basket. If […]

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