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How to use your Chartist Membership

Site tour for members: Here’s a quick insight into your membership with The Chartist. For more details we suggest you take a free trial membership. During the trial membership you can access all chart research, strategies and education.

In the Education section members can access trading courses including TRADESMART – New Trader’s Blueprint that previously sold for $550 but is now included with your membership at no extra cost.

This is an introduction to the Members-Only area of our website where members can access our expert trading advice that is drawn from years of experience along with buy and sell signals for different portfolios. The Chartist offers several trading strategies to our members:

Short Term Trading Strategies

ASX and US Discretionary Setups – based on our foundation course, TRADESMART – New Traders Blueprint, we do the heavy lifting for you. We scan the markets every day looking for short term opportunities and then suggest how to trade and manage those positions.

US High Frequency Strategy – A short term, long only, mean reversion strategy designed to provide a high level of consistency by doing large amounts of transactions with minimal holding times.

Longer Term Trading and Active Investment Strategies

Growth Portfolio – Will keep you invested when the market is rising, yet will inform you to exit positions to protect your capital when the market declines – as it did during the GFC.

US Momentum & ASX Momentum  Strategies – monthly strategies ideal for busy people. Use both to diversify exposure between both the ASX and US markets. It doesn’t get any easier to manage your capital!

Members can choose from our short term trading strategies called ASX and US Power Setups® or our portfolio for active investors known as the Growth Portfolio. For traders who like to make their own decisions or to back up their fundamental analysis we also offer ASX and Global Chart Research.

Try The Chartist membership before you buy. You will receive full access to all portfolios and you can phone Nick or Trish Radge to discuss the service.

If you do not currently have an online broker, you can receive your first 5 trades free with SelfWealth