The Chartist Portfolio Comparison Matrix

Which portfolio is right for you?

The following table will help you decide which of The Chartist’s portfolios or Turnkey Code is right for you.

Trading StyleTrade FrequencyPosition LengthExperience LevelPosition SizingNumber of PositionsMarketSoftware and Data RequiredRead More
Subscription Portfolios
ASX Discretionary
DiscretionaryDailyDays to WeeksIntermediateFixed Fractionaln/aASXNoThe Chartist
US DiscretionaryDiscretionaryDailyDays to WeeksIntermediateFixed Fractionaln/aUSANoThe Chartist
US High Frequency PortfolioSystematicDaily3 daysAdvancedFixed Percentage20USANoThe Chartist
Growth PortfolioSystematicDailyWeeks to MonthsIntermediateFixed Percentage10ASXNoThe Chartist
ASX MomentumSystematicMonthlyWeeks to MonthsBeginnerFixed Percentage5ASXNoThe Chartist
US MomentumSystematicMonthlyWeeks to MonthsBeginnerFixed Percentage10USANoThe Chartist
Trade Long Term Premium PortfolioSystematicWeekly/MonthlyWeeks to MonthsBeginnerFixed Percentage10USANoTrade Long Term
Turnkey Systems
ASX Weekly SwingSystematicWeekly1 WeekIntermediateYesThe Chartist Turnkey Code
Day Trade (Long and Short)SystematicDaily1 dayAdvancedYesThe Chartist Turnkey Code
Large Cap MomentumSystematicMonthlyWeeks to MonthsBeginnerYesThe Chartist Turnkey Code
Mean ReversionSystematicDaily3 daysIntermediateYesThe Chartist Turnkey Code
Weekend Trend TraderSystematicWeeklyWeeks to MonthsIntermediateYesThe Chartist Turnkey Code

As you can see from the table above, The Chartist offers a variety of trading strategies. From DIY strategies using AmiBroker or RealTest Turnkey Code, to follow-along trading systems where we help you build a portfolio of stocks and manage those positions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You choose your level of involvement.

To access The Chartist memberships, join the Chartist Pro package. The Chartist Pro includes access to all strategies, ASX and Global Chart Research plus education.