Nick Radge presents to Amibroker Canada User Group

Amibroker Canada User Group presentation

In December 2021, Nick Radge was asked to do an online presentation to the Amibroker Canada User Group.

During the presentation Nick answered questions such as:

  1. What allocations do you recommend to the various markets and strategies as capital grows?
  2. What’s your thoughts of having just 5 or 10 positions in a portfolio?
  3. Have you tested a maximum, say, 10% loss on any of your trend strategies?  And if so, what was the outcome?
  4. What are your thoughts on only allowing a stock to fall a maximum 10% from your buy point before exiting?
  5. Do you reduce your risk immediately when you notice the market starting a pull back. Hypothetically, the market starts to retrace and do you immediately sell 50% of your size on each company to cover what looks like to be a multi day retracement ?

Plus many more…

Also presenting was Richard Dale from Norgate Premium Data who now provide data for the Canadian stock market.

Watch the video on YouTube:

Video of Nick Radge presenting to Amibroker Canada User Group

Other questions Nick answers in the presentation to Amibroker Canada User Group include:

  • Do you chart or assess each sector of the market to establish the amount of risk you attribute to each company?
  • Although no trading system works in all market environments all of the time, do they need to be adjusted or fine tuned at some point years later?
  • What triggers do you consider before adding/removing different strategies?
  • Is it an annual/regular or adhoc choice to add a strategy to the portfolio?
  • Do you have a target or minimum number of strategies to run concurrently?
  • Thoughts/comments on capitalisation for multiple strategies (do you allocate by
    % or $ threshold)?
  • How often do you re-balance capital across your strategies?
  • Do you have any insights to share about investing in these times given the historic valuations, debt levels and interest rates?

Nick Radge presents for one hour and Richard Dale also for around 1 hour.

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