market update by Nick Radge

Stock Market Update and Charts by Nick Radge 13 May 2022

It’s time for a stock market update by Nick Radge given the turbulent week we have had. In Australia, we have an election in a week’s time. Around the world we have the war in Ukraine, supply chain issues due to Covid 19 lockdowns in China and escalating inflation figures (including in Australia). Let’s see […]

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Amibroker Canada User Group presentation

Nick Radge presents to Amibroker Canada User Group

In December 2021, Nick Radge was asked to do an online presentation to the Amibroker Canada User Group. During the presentation Nick answered questions such as: What allocations do you recommend to the various markets and strategies as capital grows? What’s your thoughts of having just 5 or 10 positions in a portfolio? Have you […]

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Chat with Traders Nick Radge

6 Ways to Emulate Talented Traders by Aaron Fifield

Back in 2017 we were lucky to have Aaron Fifield, of Chat With Traders Podcast fame, attend Noosapalooza® to share his wisdom. After more than one hundred interviews (at the time), Aaron had managed to decipher the best ways to emulate talented traders. You can emulate talented traders like Nick Radge. Join The Chartist for […]

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Nick Radge discusses stock charts of interest

Random Stock Charts of Interest

Let’s take a look at a few charts of interest. These are just some charts that I’ve been flicking through that sort of appealed to me. We’ll cover some ASX stocks. and a few U.S. stocks as well. The first one though, although it’s already broken out, this is what I want to talk about […]

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Nick Radge and Chris Weston discuss achieving a positive expectancy across trading systems

Algo Trading Strategies with Nick Radge

Algo trading strategies are a relatively new phenomenon. Also known as systematic trading, in this interview Nick Radge discusses how he started algo trading and creating strategies. Chris Weston from Pepperstone goes deep into the mindset and strategy behind Nick’s trading methods. Watch now or read the transcript below: Video Transcript Chris Weston: Ladies and […]

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Nick Radge on capital and strategy allocation

Portfolio Capital and Strategy Allocation

Nick Radge has been asked, “What allocations do you recommend to the various markets and strategies as capital grows?” Whilst the answer will be different for everyone, Nick can tell you how he allocates his capital across various markets and strategies. What Allocations do you Recommend to the Various Markets and Strategies as Capital Grows? […]

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who can help me trade

Who can help me Learn to Trade?

The Chartist provides trading strategies and research for clients. Learn who are we and why we think differently from other analysts. Let us introduce you to our team and learn how The Chartist can help you.   Nick Radge is the Director and Head of Trading & Research at The Chartist. He is also a […]

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What is the difference between trend following and momentum?

What is the Difference Between Trend Following and Momentum?

Trend Following vs Momentum One of the questions I get a lot of the time, is that I use the term trend following and I use the term momentum, what’s the difference? Essentially trend following and momentum are, in strategy style, at least, one and the same thing. It’s like a basket of fruit; it’s […]

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Nick Radge market update

Stock Market Update for the ASX and US Markets

The Stock Market Update by Nick Radge mentions several strategies. To help decide which strategy might be right for you, use our Portfolio Comparison Matrix ASX Market Update I thought I’d just give you a bit of a rundown of my thoughts on the markets, both in Australia and the US. We’re just going to […]

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how to diversify into the US markets

Are you Ready to Diversify into the US Market?

  Long-term readers will know a key philosophy of mine is to diversify across strategies, markets and even time frames. Trading just two strategies on two markets can greatly enhance diversification and equity growth over the years. This week, let’s take a look at the US Momentum portfolio which nicely goes hand-in-hand with the ASX monthly […]

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