dumb money and hype trading

“Dumb Money” and Hype Trading

We previously discussed how the market environment is ever-changing. One of the biggest changes in recent years is the unprecedented ease of access to markets now available to retail traders. Alongside this newfound market access, idle hands during the COVID crisis combined with blockchain frenzy to convert armchair quarterbacks to toilet stall fund managers. The […]

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Evolving with the market

Evolving With The Market

A hot topic of discussion lately has been changes in market environments and their impact on investment strategies, especially regarding interest rates and inflation. Today, I thought I’d take a look at this problem from a data-driven perspective. It’s no secret that, when left unaltered, the performance of a trading strategy will  deteriorate over time. […]

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Economic update for June 2023

Ecomonic Update for June 2023

With interest rate rises, uncertainty around property prices, employment rates and inflation levels, we thought it would be good to share Bendigo Bank‘s Chief Ecomonist David Robertson’s market update for June 2023.  

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Intraday CFD trading Risk Management Nick Radge

Intraday CFD Trading – Systems and Risk Management

Intraday CFD trading – Nick Radge webinar for GO Markets Nick Radge’s presentation to GO Markets clients on managing risk when intraday CFD trading. Nick also provides system examples.

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Video Trading Multiple Strategies: Diversify and Smooth the Equity Curve

Trading Multiple Strategies

  Nick Radge presented an online webinar for Society of Technical Analysts in April 2023. Nick spoke about trading multiple strategies to smooth the equity curve. In the video Nick is referring to RealTest Backtesting software.   

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Does trend following work on stocks?

As a globally renowned trend follower for over 35 years, I am often asked if trend following works on stocks. The answer is an unequivocal yes. Despite some analysts and traders labelling trend following as outdated or unreliable. The fact is that it can be incredibly effective when applied to the stock market. The reason […]

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Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have been very popular in the US for many years and are growing at an exponential rate here in Australia. There are many reasons why; limited exposure to individual company risk, extremely low fees and wide array of offerings allowing exposure to indices, interest rates, commodities and even real estate. One […]

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Real Test software

Looking back on 2022 and towards 2023

Nick Radge reviews the charts for 2022. What was that all about and what can we expect for the year ahead?

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Best Market Conditions To Invest

Is My Trading Strategy Broken?

2023 is just around the corner and, quite frankly, I’m happy to move on from 2022. It’s been one of those challenging years that pop up every so often. Mr Market reminding us to stay humble. My total portfolio is down in the high teens. Many of the big boys around town are down considerably […]

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Growth Portfolio Performance Update by Nick Radge

Growth Portfolio Performance Update

We’ve received a number of questions about the Growth Portfolio performance recently so Nick Radge has put together an update, explained the performance and how to manage the current market situation. If you have any questions about the Growth Portfolio performance update please drop me an email. Nick and Trish Radge trade the Growth Portfolio […]

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