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6 Ways to Emulate Talented Traders by Aaron Fifield

Back in 2017 we were lucky to have Aaron Fifield, of Chat With Traders Podcast fame, attend Noosapalooza® to share his wisdom. After more than one hundred interviews (at the time), Aaron had managed to decipher the best ways to emulate talented traders. You can emulate talented traders like Nick Radge. Join The Chartist for […]

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Ask Nick Radge about Trading

Risk or Volatility?

Is it risk or volatility? There are many reasons why people fail at trading. The major causes are lack of trading strategy based on empirical evidence, or over trading with minimal capital. But it’s still possible for someone with a proven strategy and adequate capital to fall flat. And usually this occurs when confusing risk […]

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Nick Radge discusses stock charts of interest

Random Stock Charts of Interest

Let’s take a look at a few charts of interest. These are just some charts that I’ve been flicking through that sort of appealed to me. We’ll cover some ASX stocks. and a few U.S. stocks as well. The first one though, although it’s already broken out, this is what I want to talk about […]

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Reliable and Consistent Indicators

Reliable and Consistent Indicators

“…what are the most reliable and consistent indicators that you have used over the last 30 years? I know you have a lot of models but just an overview would be cool.” – Nick H Before we get into this discussion there are two caveats: I’m not going to debate with the ‘price is all […]

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combining turnkey systems

Combining Turnkey Trading Systems

Combining turnkey trading systems  was a topic we began to discuss in our last article, whilst answering a readers question. You can read that article first Combining Trading Strategies to Diversify Your Portfolio I made the point that as no re-balancing had been done, the portfolio becomes more and more lopsided to the best performing strategy […]

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combining trading strategies

Combining Trading Strategies to Diversify Your Portfolio

Combining Trading Strategies to Diversify Your Portfolio has sparked a question from one of our subscribers. A recent question from Julie B… Have you run a test where you allocate equal amounts to [turnkey strategies]? If so, can you share the resulting data? Long time readers will be aware that I’m an avid proponent of […]

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Selecting The Right Broker

The Growth Portfolio – New Research

The Growth Portfolio is a longer term trend following strategy that has been a stalwart of mine since the late 90s. The strategy is loosely based on the Bollinger Band Breakout strategy (BBO) discussed in Unholy Grails, although the original design was based on Keith Fitschen’s Aberration trading system. Over time there have been a few tweaks, but […]

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Nick Radge and Chris Weston discuss achieving a positive expectancy across trading systems

Algo Trading Strategies with Nick Radge

Algo trading strategies are a relatively new phenomenon. Also known as systematic trading, in this interview Nick Radge discusses how he started algo trading and creating strategies. Chris Weston from Pepperstone goes deep into the mindset and strategy behind Nick’s trading methods. Watch now or read the transcript below: Video Transcript Chris Weston: Ladies and […]

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$100,000 to invest

What if I have $100,000 to invest?

What if I have $100,000 to invest? What are my options if I have a significant amount of money to Invest? So, you (finally?) have a decent stash of capital and you are wondering how you might invest it. You also have time to invest and learn from experts. You want to be an independent […]

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Managing larger portfolios

Managing Larger Portfolios

For the last 20-years I have run my main trend following portfolio with 20 equal positions, each with 5% capital. Most assume 20 is a nice round number, but in fact the efficient frontier for portfolio diversification is 18 positions. Rather than explain that to clients, and to make life easier, I simply rounded it […]

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