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Buying Overnight vs During the Day

Let’s test buying overnight vs during the day. It’s a well-known anomaly – that gains in the S&P 500 occur overnight as opposed to during the day.Specifically I’m comparing buying the open and selling the close vs buying the close and selling the following day’s open. Chart 1: The following chart shows the net distance […]

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Amibroker Canada User Group presentation

Nick Radge presents to Amibroker Canada User Group

In December 2021, Nick Radge was asked to do an online presentation to the Amibroker Canada User Group. During the presentation Nick answered questions such as: What allocations do you recommend to the various markets and strategies as capital grows? What’s your thoughts of having just 5 or 10 positions in a portfolio? Have you […]

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2021 Report Card for The Chartist

2021 Report Card

2021 Report Card is ready. When it comes to trading, I don’t like to use the word disappointed. Disappointment portends expectation. And one should never have an expectation when it comes to the market. Take each day, week, month and year as it comes, yet remain focused on the long-term expectation of what the investment […]

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weekend trend trader in Canada

The Weekend Trend Trader in Canada

Testing and trading different markets offer two distinct benefits: 1. strategy diversification2. robustness and stress checking In order to test new markets we require a complete data set, namely all delisted stocks, and if trading a specific universe, historical constituents. This specialist data is very hard to come by. Our long time friends over at Norgate […]

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After the COVID crash in March 2020 I wrote a reflective article on lessons learned and what could we do better. The key takeaway for me was diluting signal luck.

Diluting Signal Luck – Real Time Data

After the COVID crash in March 2020 I wrote a reflective article on lessons learned and what could we do better. The key takeaway for me was diluting signal luck.  As mentioned at the end of that article, I implemented this new tactic as soon as the Trade Long Term Premium Portfolio switched back on, which it did on […]

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Selecting The Right Broker

Selecting The Right Broker

For many traders and investors, selecting a broker may not be given a great deal of thought. Retail traders tend to select a broker that is attached to their banking facility, or a well known brand name. However, there are quite a few considerations that should be taken into account. Instruments on Offer: Not only […]

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Introducing Zach Radge, new member of The Chartist Team

Zach Radge Joins The Chartist Team

Zach Radge: His Role Moving Forward Nick Radge: Our son Zach Radge has joined the business. In fact, Zach started with us back in February 2021, and he will be helping us out with with the business. So the next stage of The Chartist is on its way. So I’ll just introduce Zach and then […]

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Chat with Traders Nick Radge

6 Ways to Emulate Talented Traders by Aaron Fifield

Back in 2017 we were lucky to have Aaron Fifield, of Chat With Traders Podcast fame, attend Noosapalooza® to share his wisdom. After more than one hundred interviews (at the time), Aaron had managed to decipher the best ways to emulate talented traders. You can emulate talented traders like Nick Radge. Join The Chartist for […]

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Ask Nick Radge about Trading

Risk or Volatility?

Is it risk or volatility? There are many reasons why people fail at trading. The major causes are lack of trading strategy based on empirical evidence, or over trading with minimal capital. But it’s still possible for someone with a proven strategy and adequate capital to fall flat. And usually this occurs when confusing risk […]

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Nick Radge discusses stock charts of interest

Random Stock Charts of Interest

Let’s take a look at a few charts of interest. These are just some charts that I’ve been flicking through that sort of appealed to me. We’ll cover some ASX stocks. and a few U.S. stocks as well. The first one though, although it’s already broken out, this is what I want to talk about […]

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