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Trading Mastermind

Trading Mastermind Your special topic for today is Trading Psychology. Your time starts now. Question: How can you overcome your most debilitating psychological trading barriers? My Answer: Go out and get another job. We’ve discussed this before. And I don’t mean stop trading. I just mean add some other revenue streams into your bread winning basket. If […]

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Where To Get Trading Strategy Ideas

I’m often asked how I come up with strategy ideas to test and potentially put to work. Unfortunately I’m not an overly creative person, at least not when it comes to creating something from scratch. However, I am creative at adding my own ‘colour’ to other ideas floating around the ether. For example, our main […]

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ASIC Warning for Retail Investors

We commonly hear that most retail traders lose money. Urban myth or reality? The French financial regulator, or Autorite des Marches Financiers, did a 4-year study that found: – 89% of clients lost money trading foreign exchange. – 13,224 clients collectively lost EUR175 million – investors learn little over time, indeed most saw their losses […]

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Allocating Funds Across Strategies

Reader question from Thom M. If I allocate 60% of my portfolio to systematic trading, how do I decide how much of it should go towards one or the other strategy to achieve the perfect balance? Great question and there are a few answers to consider. Firstly let’s look at it from a high level. […]

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award finalist

Finalists for Best Equity Research in the Technical Analyst Awards 2020

We are proud to announce The Chartist team were  finalists for Best Equity Research in the Technical Analyst Awards 2020. It’s our first time entering and a worldwide competition. Congratulations Pete, Scott, Craig and Nick for your analysis.

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Top Traders Unplugged

Top Traders Unplugged Podcast

Top Traders Unplugged’s episode 85 of The Systematic Trader Series podcast with Nick Radge Nick was interviewed by Niels Kaastrup-Larsen and Moritz Seibert, discussing Nick’s specific methods of systematic trading. Nick also discusses the importance of trading a strategy that suits your personality. Listen here: You can follow Niels, Jerry Parker, Moritz & Nick on […]

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Market Neutral Trend Following

Market Neutral Trend Following?

Long term readers know that I spend a lot of time researching ideas for either improving existing strategies or looking at new opportunities. One of my recent projects has been looking at following trends using a market neutral strategy. Market neutral means attempting to profit from both increasing and decreasing prices while attempting to avoid […]

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long term trader

Thinking Like a Long Term Trader

Thinking Like a Long Term Trader Managing money was an enlightening experience to say the least. In my brief 4-year foray of doing it for a living I came up against some of the typical emotional responses that people generate when placing their own money on the line in the market place. This article discusses […]

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