The Big Easy: The Art of Trading Effortlessly

The Big Easy

Published February 16th, 2020

Imagine getting to the point where trading was your ‘Big Easy’.

In a remarkable turn of events I found myself at the golf range (OK, Trish dragged me out).

Alongside me were several international students honing their skills.

When I say students I don’t mean students of golf.

And when I say honing their skills, well, I was being polite.

They certainly weren’t physics students. They seemed to be adamant that the harder they swung the club, the further the ball would travel. When this theory didn’t achieve the desired results they tossed out a few expletives in some unknown dialect and let fly with another cruel and violent swipe at the ball.

Reload. Ping. Kinyezi!

Clearly the students didn’t understand what the ‘sweet spot’ was designed for. The sweet spot delivers the most energy to the ball in order to launch it farther and straighter.

A mild and measured half swing delivered with minimal effort will send a golf ball a lot straighter and a lot further than a fully fledged assault.

Trading and investing is similar.

The harder you try, the worse off you generally are.

Watching the screen all day, desperately willing your portfolio higher, hopping in and out like a whack-a-mole day trader or silently praying to the market gods is not about being in the sweet spot.

They call Ernie Els The Big Easy because he’s big and he swings it easy. His career results are a testament to finding the sweet spot.

As your trading caddy I recommend the same.

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