size does matter

Don’t Believe The Rumours – Size Does Matter

When it comes to risk management there are two rules: The Timid Trader Rule – “If you don’t risk very much, you don’t make very much.” and The Bold Trader Rule – “If you risk too much, you go broke“. There are a few other guidelines which we’ll discuss below, but the question for now […]

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When you're starting to trade you need good advice

I’m ready to start – I’m a complete beginner

Question from a New Trader: I am now in a position to start trading but am a complete beginner. I have allocated $20,000 to trade with. Which broker should I use? Do I need to buy software? How do I begin? I am fully employed so have little time. Answer These are good questions to […]

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Podcast: Nick Radge Master Trader Interview

The Master Trader’s Workshop takes a beginner trader and runs their strategy by an expert. In this interview the apprentice is Jeremy Clifford. Jeremy has worked for Vanguard, but as he said to me he is living proof that the licenses mean nothing for one’s trading skills. The master feedback comes from Nick Radge, aka […]

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