How do I get started in Stocks and Shares?

how to get started in shares

Published July 20th, 2021

Investing in the share market is a great way to diversify away from the property market. Shares (or stocks, same thing) are a liquid asset meaning they can be cashed in a short time frame. A property, on the other hand, is illiquid as it is not easily or quickly converted to cash.

You can start investing in shares with a relatively small amount of capital. You can also keep adding to your share portfolio as you save more money.

When buying shares it is important to keep the cost of purchase down so that the commission fees do not eat away at your profits. Commission is the fee paid to the stock broker or trading platform each time you buy or sell shares. We use SelfWealth online broker for trading ASX (Australian) stocks. They currently charge a flat fee of $9.50 per trade. With this SelfWealth discount link you can also get 5 free trades (saving you $47.50)

Where do you being to learn about trading the stock market?

If we are learning something new, someone has already been in your shoes and gone on the same journey. This is what The Chartist is all about; empowering new traders, giving you the confidence to get started. The Chartist trade with you! We are here to help and support you with your trading and investment needs.

Reading articles on the topic of trading can give you some great insight into what is involved.

Use the beginners link in The Chartist’s Knowledge Centre for more articles. Once you start building that foundation knowledge you can expand. The Chartist offers a great new course for beginners, TRADESMART – New Traders Blueprint.  In the course you will learn about trading entries, exits, risk, money management and how to control your losses. You will also learn how to spot opportunities for yourself and how to take advantage of them.

It is important to know how much money you can invest without it impacting your lifestyle. Emotions need to be set aside to be good at trading. Watch this great 60-minute discussion on What makes a Successful Trader, by Nick Radge. It looks at the quantitative vs qualitative traits for successful trading.

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