Let’s get your trading on track…with a profitable trading plan.

Every successful trader has a plan and the best way for YOU to become a profitable trader is to build a trading plan to suit YOU.

The stock market provides ample opportunity to profit from speculation. Unfortunately, very few people are successful traders. Most people quickly lose their initial capital and give up claiming “the market is rigged”.

It’s not rigged.

But you do have to play by the rules to win. YOUR RULES!

By defining the rules of your personal trading plan it becomes possible to test your strategy for its strengths and weaknesses. With the insight of backtesting it becomes possible to build on the strengths and limit the weaknesses.

This is what professional traders do: they back test their strategies and continually test on an on-going basis.

I devote many hours each day to research and development. For the novice, this gets squashed into a few hours reading a trading book or website and therefore leads to potential failure before the first trade is even placed.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t build a home without a plan so why would you trade without a plan?

The answer is because you’re in a rush. You dream of making a quick buck with no effort. Elite athletes don’t achieve overnight success, nor will you be a successful trader overnight.

The objective of this course is to work toward a simple yet profitable plan which you can apply to any financial market. We will discuss various techniques that, when combined, will produce a trading plan to suit your personality, your risk appetite as well as introduce you to some of the more simplistic and yet robust methods to trade the markets.

Remember: there is no Holy Grail, ‘ultimate’ or ‘correct’ way to approach speculation. Each of us has a different set of trading goals, methodology, risk appetite and psychological makeup that makes it impossible for one system to fit all.

Our aim is to help you find a comfortable position to trade from.

You will learn how to stop losing your capital…rather than how to make profits.


Being comfortable in the fact that you are able to control your losses will be the start of a journey that may well change your life. It certainly changed mine.

Previously we sold this course for $550 however we now realise it is so valuable and sets the foundations for profitable trading that we provide the course to ALL members of The Chartist.


You even get access to the course during a trial membership to The Charitst. So even in the unlikely event of you not wishing to stay a member you will have had access to this valuable resource.

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