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The Science of Stop Losses

maximise risk adjusted returns

It's easy to buy shares but when do you sell? How many times have you bought a share, cheered as the share price rose then felt confused as the price head slowly south?

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Noosapalooza 2017 Highlights

Welcome to Noosapalooza 2017. I’ve been the business and Client Liaison manager at The Chartist for 19 years. When Nick and I first started the business we went by the name Reef Capital Coaching. Back then we were running an online business selling a single product – a course called Building a Profitable Trading Plan Using Technical Analysis which is still available to our members today within the Community. Nick was the technical analyst and with my business degree and background in personnel and administration we made a great team.

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Trading the Share Price, Not the Valuation

Hi my name's Nick Radge, Head of Trading and Research at The Chartist. My best investment is Invocare the funeral operators, two things in life death and taxes, Invocare looks after one of those. My worst investment I took a tip from a very good friend of mine, and in the space of about three weeks lost $35,000 and I've never taken a tip since.

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Becoming a better trader

If you're ready to take charge of your portfolio like a professional fund manager, we can show you how. You can follow short or longer term trading strategies, do courses and chat with other traders in the Community forum.

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PS The new Community forum is packed with trading courses that you will have access to as a member.

2016 Technical Outlook

On 11th February 2016 Nick Radge hosted a webinar for members of The Chartist. In this recording Nick looks at the chart patterns currently unfolding and might expect from the markets over the next few years. The Chartist host webinars for members approximately once a fortnight and we are always happy to receive suggested topics that clients would like us to cover. Send your ideas directly to Nick Radge.



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Your Money Your Call 20 January 2016

Nick Radge appears on Sky Business News Your Money Your Call once a month. This is the recording of Nick's appearance on 20th January 2016 with host Julia Lee.