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How To Achieve Consistency and Earn A Second Income

I personally know some serious professional traders. They make good money and they do it almost every month.


But here's the thing - all these guys are scalpers. They sit in front of their terminals for 15+ hours a day making hundreds of trades. I've played golf with a few of them in the past and I remember once one of them sat in the cart for 9-holes because he was too busy trading over the phone.

Get a life I say.

They are consistent though because they make so many trades. Trades here, trades there. Over and over they exploit their edge - just like the House at a casino.

Many people aspire to becoming a professional trader, or at least, many aspire to become more consistent.

However, who has 15 hours a day to allocate to a stream of numbers scrolling across the screen?

What we need is an edge, one that can be exploited often, and ideally, one that's not going to end in divorce.

So what do we do when we have a career, family and commitments?

That's going to take more than a single email to explain, so we've put together a new 9-part email series on how to build a second income from trading.

Now, I know you've probably heard the usual ear-bashing from various trading companies who pump it up, but this series will explain the realities, but more importantly how you can avoid the pitfalls these high pressure sales goons don't tell you about before they swipe your money.

I'm no Guarantee Fairy but I will guarantee you'll get more from these emails than you will from any $15,000 weekend warrior course.

In this 9-part email series you'll learn:

-- Why you should look before you leap.
-- The key driver for consistency → why James Packer and High Frequency Traders aren't too far removed.
-- Forget entries - learn why exits are vitally important.
-- How to lower the commission you pay your broker by at least 68% (this itself is worth signing up for)

Oh, and one last thing...

It's free.

Interested? Good...

Register your interest below and we'll send you the first tutorial immediately.

The Chartist Team