Winning Lotto would be amazing.

Shooting a hole in one would be amazing.

Having a bank account like Warren Buffett would be amazing.

But, unless you believe the Twitter bots, all are grossly unrealistic.

Having a job is useful. Just staying on the fairway is useful (note to self).

However, there’s a profound lesson in consistency that can be drawn from these aspirations. Making each trade in the market, one at a time, diligently, day after day, month after month, and year after year, is an approach that may lack the immediate thrill of hitting the jackpot or achieving a hole-in-one, but it can yield remarkable results over the long term.

It’s a reminder that in life, as in investing, it’s often the steady, disciplined actions—the useful things we do with consistency—that lead to the most amazing outcomes in the end. So, while the allure of the extraordinary is powerful, it’s the commitment to the useful and practical that often paves the way to true success.