Chat With Traders interview with Nick Radge

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Published January 17th, 2020

Recently Nick Radge had the opportunity to chat with Aaron Fifield from the Chat With Traders podcast. This is the second time Nick has appeared on this podcast and you can listen to the first interview here.

The new podcast is titled ‘The Casino Edge, Mean Reversion & How to Develop Robust Trading Systems with Nick Radge’. That’s a lot to cover in one podcast but Aaron and Nick managed to do it.

Listen to the podcast here:

Nick is a systematic trend follower and momentum trader, most active in Australian and US equity markets.

This time around, Aaron and Nick discussed mean reversion strategies and why they may appeal to certain traders, the importance of trade frequency when developing a system, which then leads into the characteristics of a robust trading system.

One of Aaron’s ‘top takeaways’ from this conversation, was hearing about Nick’s emphasis on trying to break and stress test systems – rather than simply trying to develop the “best system”.

Like the last few guests, Nick has also offered to answer any trading questions you might have. So if there’s something you want to know more about, just leave your questions in the comments are at the bottom of this page.

If this interview resonates with you and you would like to see some of Nick’s trading strategies then consider taking the free trial membership.

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Lessons’ Aaron Fifield learnt from this Chat with Traders episode:

  • The key differences between momentum strategies and trend following strategies, and the benefits of trading a mean reversion strategy.
  • Trade frequency; why we should take note of how casinos exploit their edge. The more something occurs, the less likely it is to be a fluke
  • The characteristics of a robust system versus a non-robust system. Plus, how to remove survivor-ship bias and the importance of quality data.
  • Why you should do all you can to break your system by stress testing, and the life expectancy of a robust system.
    To what extent Nick has automated his day to day trading and retirement funds, and insight to what software he uses to do this.