Choose public school for your kids

Public School Success Stories

Public school success stories are not something we usually talk about. Not for any reason other than, it never occurred to us that we needed to until recently. Confession – we’re not who you think we are. Or should I say, we’re not what you think we are? Nick and Trish Radge are public school […]

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10 simple tips that give me the trading edge

10 simple tips that give me the trading edge A question put to me by a reader made me think long and hard about my trading edge. He wrote, “In trading, what qualities are needed to be your best? In other words, why do you succeed where others failed?” Well, success is in the eye […]

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Have you failed at trading?

I sat an investment exam and failed miserably

Can you believe I sat an investment exam and failed miserably? The bastard kicked me under the desk. On live TV. Then at the ad break he leaned across the desk and seethed, “You can’t say that!” The guy was a total fruit loop. Sky Business News would always put me, the technical guy, up […]

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how to beat the market

The Secret To Beating The Australian Market

The most effective way to beating the Australian market over the last 26-years? It’s official. At least that’s the conclusion from the flash boys over at Morgan Stanley. Momentum¹. You know: buying stocks that go up. Selling the ones that go down. And it wasn’t a slight aberration. Momentum was a 10 out of 10 […]

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The Big Easy

The Big Easy: The Art of Trading Effortlessly

Imagine getting to the point where trading was your ‘Big Easy’. In a remarkable turn of events I found myself at the golf range (OK, Trish dragged me out). Alongside me were several international students honing their skills. When I say students I don’t mean students of golf. And when I say honing their skills, […]

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how to avoid financial disaster

One Simple Step to Avoid Financial Disaster

How to avoid financial disaster? There is one element that determines whether you will be a successful trader or a failure. Completion of a trade will determine your success. Exiting positions makes the world of difference. Anyone can buy a stock, and they do, but most people don’t finish. Finishing things – exiting a position […]

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The number 1 reaon people fail at trading

The #1 Reason Why People Fail at Trading

The #1 reason why people fail at trading? They are undercapitalized. It has nothing to do with a trader’s strategy. It has nothing to do with trend following, short term trading, swing trading, scalping, mean reversion, whatever. All trading has drag via commission, so you have to work backwards. Let’s assume that your trend following […]

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stay motivated

How do you Stay Motivated as a Stock Trader?

Stay Motivated It’s hard to stay motivated at any new venture. Trading is no different. I’ve spent a lot of time studying the track records of the great traders. Those track records are freely available om the internet. By studying the track records and the performance of great traders, and varied traders, you come to […]

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Patience is the key to trading success

Patience is the Key to Trading Success

Patience is the key to trading success. A lot of people expect that trading the stock market is easy and they will start and instantly find trading success. They tend to focus on the easy money that’s made out there. You know the stories of people that have made a lot of money, and sometimes […]

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Inspirational Trading Quotes

Taken from Joe Ross – Trading is a Business: “Some of the greatest trading stars have been people who have had a bulldog approach to trading. They have withstood the enormous financial strain and pressure of being net losers in the markets until they mastered their chosen profession. Along with staggering financial losses, they have […]

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