Affirmations, Attractions, Actions for Trading

Affirmations, attractions, actions

Published July 20th, 2021

How can Trading Affirmations help?

Affirmations, attractions and actions for trading, how does this work? Your brain is a very powerful piece of equipment. Yet it can be both your friend and foe when it comes to trading.

The goal is to not only make the brain our friend, but also our secret weapon.

You want to make brain power part of a daily strategy to improve consistency with your trading results.

You can have the greatest strategy in the world, but you will always be its weakest link.

So how can we lessen the impact of this ‘weakest link’ and turn it into our strongest and most trusted ally?

Affirmations are often overlooked when people discuss their trading strategies. And those that do apply them often talk about bigger picture things like having lots of money. Or owning a house or a car in a certain time frame. Yet the smaller affirmations are often overlooked.

The fact is, the smaller affirmations are essential for the bigger ones to be able to manifest. They are the conduit that get us there. If your short-term thoughts and actions are all over the place, then the bigger ones will be harder to achieve.

So what do we mean by affirmations?

Affirmations simply refer to the practice of positive thinking. And positive thinking can lead to self-empowerment, and then action-driven success.

When it comes to your trading, having some very specific statements around you in your home or office, can be a powerful tool. Refer to them everyday.

Some simple affirmations might be:

  1. ‘I will follow my trading plan without fail today and everyday’
  2. ‘I will not trade impulsively’
  3. ‘I will always manage my risk with trailing stops’
  4. ‘I will only trade the best setups and leave the rest’
  5. ‘I will become a successful trader by remaining disciplined at all times’

Even if you don’t believe some of the affirmations you have created, you need to fake it until you make it!

If our brains can bring negative past events into our consciousness, then we can certainly use positive affirmations to reverse this. We just need to rewire things a little.

Short term temptations can sabotage our longer-term aspirations. So we need to take action to get them out of our daily thought processes.

That fact is, Affirmations bring Attraction which can then lead to the right Actions and desired outcomes.

It’s a universal law that works not just for your trading, yet for any aspect of your life that you wish to take to another level.

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