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Share Trader Finds his Mark in Noosa

Nick and Trish Radge with Trader Trent Rothall At Noosapalooza 2015286Trent Rothall was enjoying a game of Aussie Rules on his 21st birthday when a bad fall changed his life forever. Trent was a keen footy player, had just finished his apprenticeship and qualified as an electrician. Suddenly he found himself a quadriplegic and the life he had planned took a dramatic turn.

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Aaron Fifield Chats with the World’s Best Traders

aaron fifieldImagine being able to ask the world’s top traders to define their secret to success.

Aaron Fifield gets to do this every week.

As host of Chat with Traders Aaron spends about an hour chatting with amazing traders from round the world extracting deep insights into their routines, methods and secrets to success.

With 125 episodes under his belt Aaron has amassed some incredible stories. Aaron has interviewed some of the world's best traders including Blair Hull, Jack Schwager, Edward Thorp and Jerry Parker plus numerous traders who are just as successful but you may never have heard of.

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Do this to build and protect your wealth

Elizabeth Moran 300Building wealth is one thing. Protecting it another. Losing everything...mortifying.

Enter Elizabeth Moran.

She has seen investors at each stage.

Liz started her career in the recovery unit for CBA. Sounds like a nice relaxing place to work, right?


She had to decide when to step in and recover the bank's assets. If a mortgage was in default she sold the assets (think: your house).

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Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Tim Cole 300Are you stuck for ideas? Still trading the same product or market and unhappy with your returns?

It's time to pull your finger out.

You're not getting any younger and you need to put your hard earned cash to work.

But not with some crappy "open an account with your credit card" FX spruiker.

Instead you need advice from an experienced analyst who trades FX themselves. Who's tested the strategy, tweaked it and who is happy to help you get started.

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Happy birthday to The Chartist

Happy 50th birthdayHappy birthday The (Ultimate) Chartist

Nick and I have lived together for half his lifetime (blimey!) so I think, on this special occasion, I can share a few insights into what it’s like living with a professional trader.

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The GFC Made People Sick

You can ignore the health warnings but you do so at your peril. The GFC made people sick. You see, a review of 122 health studies published between January 2009 and July 2015 found “the 2008 financial crisis had negative effects on mental health, including suicide, and to a varying extent on some non-communicable and communicable diseases”.

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Special Report Week: The Big Picture

special report world viewVolatility in global markets is at the lowest level since 1993.

And one thing I've learnt over the last 32-years is that high levels of volatility tend to follow.

Which means something big could be brewing.

But the question is, where?

And how do we profit from it?

We're going to try to answer these questions for you...

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10 simple tips that give me the trading edge

relaxed stock trader 300A question put to me recently by a reader made me think long and hard.

He wrote, "In trading, what qualities are needed to be your best? In other words, why do you succeed where others failed?"

Well, success is in the eye of the beholder, but I guess I've done okay at mastering a life/work balance.

I have done well for a few reasons.

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I sat an investment exam and failed miserably

failedThe bastard kicked me under the desk.

On live TV.

Then at the ad break he leaned across the desk and seethed, "You can't say that!"

The guy was a total fruit loop.

Sky Business News would always put me, the technical guy, up against a fundamental guy to get some debate going; keep audience attention. And let's face it - us technical blokes do throw around some perky jargon. None of that boring balance sheet, PE Ratio, stuffy armchair in a smoky men's club gibberish.

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The Secret To Beating The Market

Beat the marketIt's official.

At least that's the conclusion from the flash boys over at Morgan Stanley.

The most effective way to beat the Australian market over the last 26-years?


You know: buying stocks that go up. Selling the ones that go down.

And it wasn't a slight aberration. Momentum was a 10 out of 10 on their ranking system.

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