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The Weekend Trend Trader is a trading strategy designed for people who want a simple to follow trading plan that trades just once a week. An ideal investment strategy for people who work full time but are actively planning for their retirement. Weekend Trend Trader is designed for and tested on the US stock Market.

The Weekend Trend Trader strategy is a turnkey strategy that uses no discretion. In other words the strategy has a set of rules and users should understand why they entered a trade and when and how they will exit. Because the rules are strictly and mathematically defined we are able to back test the strategy on historical data. This enables us to understand the strategy’s nuances and therefore better understand how the journey to success will be travelled.


The strategy is a combination of several tools that

  1. ensures you will always be aligned with the trend of the broader market
  2. enters positions at specific points and with reasonable confirmation
  3. manages existing positions with a trailing stop loss
  4. defends existing positions if the trend of the broader market reverses
  5. outlines how much to invest in each position.

We will fully step through each of these points in detail and slowly build the system from the ground up.

After reading Weekend Trend Trader you may like to consider the Weekend Trend Trader Turnkey code.

Published by Radge Publishing

“This book follows Unholy Grail in its tracks. A weekly momentum model is offered with tests, rationale and examples. Rules are fully disclosed and are easy to implement and, if you like, to adapt to your market. Nick Radge offers here another little gem with incredible value. The whole process of testing and understanding how to trade in a systematic way is clearly brought to the reader’s attention. You may be surprised by the simplicity of the model but there are two interesting “tricks” not shown in any other book. One can really learn a lot from Nick. Well done.” Riccardo R on Amazon


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