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nick radge shares his trading knowledge


Nick Radge shares his trading knowledge

One of the simplest secrets to trading success is to do the simple things well - which is uncommon. 

Show up each day. Place your trades each day. Record and track results each day. Even do a little research each day.

You'll be amazed at how far ahead you'll be a year from now.

Small things.

Done consistently.

The great traders;  Dunn. Eckhardt. Kovner. Trout. Tudor-Jones. They turn up every day.

Yet staying the path. Being there. Ignoring the noise. These are uncommon.

I send a newsletter email out usually weekly. I don't know what I will send you. But it will be based on my 30 years experience.

And it will be uncommon.

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Hey Nick. Thanks for the great work. It's through your work that I got my biggest breakthrough ever in trading. I feel like IOU a million dollars for all your great work.

Nick is a first-class technical analyst and educator. He has a great ability to transfer and explain his knowledge and experience in a simple and understandable way.

"THANK YOU" - Mike R.
A quick thank you note - I really appreciate you helping me to understand and learn how to trade.

Nick, just wanted to say a quick thank you for your books and influence. Your attitude, approach and books are changing my trading methodology. Feel like I've seen the light. Cheers.