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 Nick Radge  Trish Radge The Chartist  Craig Fisher
 Nick Radge
Head of Trading & Research. Mentor
Trish Radge
Business Manager
Craig Fisher
Portfolio Analyst
About Nick
Professional trader, analyst, educator and author.
Was a trader on the floor of the Sydney
Futures Exchange,

worked for international banks in London, 
Singapore & Sydney.
Expert in trading system design and 
technical analysis.
Authorised Representative of RCC providing advice in securities, foreign exchange and derivatives.
Consults to financial planners & accountants
Keynote speaker & presenter
Married to Trish for 25 years
Fisherman, traveller, avid reader
Lives in Noosa, Queensland
Living the dream

About Trish
Responsible for compliance, events and administration
Founded Reef Capital Coaching (now The Chartist) in 1998.
Book publisher - Radge Publishing
Bachelor of Business
ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant
Personnel Management (Graduates) Course
Organiser extraordinaire
Married to Nick for 25 years
President, Cooloola-Noosa Life Education Assoc.
Golfer, skiier, traveller
Lives in Noosa, Queensland
Loving the dream

About Craig
Began trading in 2000. 
Specialises in technical analysis and the
development of computerised trading systems.

Expert Amibroker programmer
Codes strategies for Chartist clients.
Diploma of Business 
Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Authorised Rep. of RCC providing financial product advice in securities and derivatives.
Ocean/water lover
Sea Guardian for Australian Marine
Conservation Society

Lives in Noosa, Queensland
Married Kate on Tea Tree Bay, Noosa, in 2004
Cellar door enthusiast
Peter Hammersley Natasha Wenke  Scott Goddard
Peter Hammersley
Technical Analyst
ASX Chart Research
Natasha Wenke
Member Management
Scott Goddard
Technical Analyst
Global Chart Research

About Pete
Began trading in 1987
Student of Robert Prechter, Elliott Wave International and
Robert Miner, author of Dynamic Trading.
Pete combines wave structure and time analysis to help make better trading and investing decisions.
Authorised Representative of RCC providing financial product advice in securities.
Lives in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Married to Lorraine
Loves fishing, camping and trekking
Walks his lovable but demanding dalmatian every day
Rugby Union fanatic

About Natasha
Joined The Chartist in 2016
Lives in Noosa
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching)
Home Based Business Owner since 2011
Runs Handmade In Noosa Networking Group for creative home based businesses
Fundraises for various charities
Loves camping with family and friends and Noosa's beautiful beaches and the river.

About Scott
Began trading in 2002.
Previously in business management and consultancy
Bachelor of Arts
Diploma in Applied Psychology
Areas of expertise: pattern recognition, Elliott Wave Theory, price and volume analysis.
Scott has a disciplined approach to trading centred on risk management and psychology.
Authorised Representative of RCC providing advice in securities, foreign exchange and derivatives.
Lives on Sydney's northern beaches
Lover of life, nature, adventure travel