Designed for longer term active investors requiring a simple yet robust strategy to capture larger market swings.

The 20% Flipper was originally detailed in Unholy Grails and is a pure trend following strategy that trades ‘long only’ in global equity markets. It uses a unique ‘on/off’ Index Filter to ensure that it remains invested in bullish environments yet defends open positions when bear markets strike.

Simple to understand. Simple to use.

“Just finished my first full year running the Flipper strategy; we had a great year. +38.77% after fees. Thanks a ton!” – JW, Lexington, KY, USAhttp://amibroker.com/

Amibroker v5.0 or higher (Standard or Professional) Amibroker is available here.
Reliable stock data source. We recommend and use Norgate Data

Purchaser must sign a sale agreement that contains a non-disclosure agreement. No refund is available on this product. Once the code is purchased the sale is final.

NOTE: This is turnkey code and purchasers are expected to have Amibroker and know how to use it. The turnkey code does not come with support.

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