New Release 1st December 2020

ASX Momentum strategy release

Published November 27th, 2020

Our new release is now set for 1 December 2020!

Whilst our Growth Portfolio has been our stalwart portfolio since 2006, we continue to learn and research new techniques to give our clients a leading edge.

One of our new offerings for 2021 will be a strategy specifically designed to invest in the top 100 stocks on the ASX. Not only does the big end of town offer safety, but new trends in the SMSF industry allow trustees to pick and choose their own investments.


Because trustees have the simple desire for more control. However, one of the drawbacks is the limitation of shares SMSF trustees can choose from. Many offerings limit members to the ASX-200.

Whilst the Growth Portfolio does operate in that space, it’s really designed to shine using the full ASX-500 universe. Hence the introduction of the newly developed ASX-100 strategy.

Currently we’re real-time beta trading the strategy, but below is the simulated equity growth since 2005.

simulated equity growth since 2005


  • Growth of 21.9% CAGR since 2000^
  • 92% chance of profit in any 12-month window^
  • Will revert to cash during sustained bear markets like the GFC
  • Proven strategy based on extensive academic and quantitative research
  • Low workload – trades just once a month
  • Low turnover
  • Use the broker of your choice
  • Personally traded by Nick and Trish Radge

Download extensive metrics for the ASX Momentum here.

The ASX Momentum will be available as a stand-alone membership or as part of the Chartist Pro package.

The first signals will be released on 1st December 2020. If you’d like to be reminded of the launch, simply click this link.

^Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Read our full risk statement.

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