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using pyramiding to manage your trades

Pyramiding: Adding to an Existing Trading Position

Preface: This article on pyramiding has been designed and optimized for the The Chartist’s Growth Portfolio. The principles contained herein are effective for any trend following strategy of any time frame, but all references will be directly related to the The Chartist’s Growth Portfolio. The term ‘pyramiding’ refers to the adding of positions to an […]

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Trend following

Trend Following – An Effective Strategy for your SMSF?

A recent release from The Industry Super Network (ISN) – the umbrella organization for industry super funds here in Australia, suggests that high embedded fees, including commissions to financial planners, is the main cause for the poor performance of for-profit retail super funds. And, according to Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) data, the average return […]

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Interview with Nick Radge (by

Nick, tell us a bit about your history as a trader? I originally got the bug after watching someone else plot a 5 and 10 day moving average crossover system by hand. I could see how and why the strategy worked, at least in its simplest form. From there I simply progressed through the ranks […]

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Ask Nick Radge your trading questions

Your Top 5 Trading Questions Answered

Recorded in 2010 the Top 5 Trading Questions are still relevant today. Your top 5 share trading questions answered by Nick Radge of The Chartist. Nick Radge is a down-to-earth, common-sense trader with 25 years of trading experience. So, What Were the Top 5 Trading Questions? 1. How do I identify a list of stocks […]

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Bang for Buck

Bang-For-Buck Trade Management Strategy

Nick Radge from The Chartist has been designing stock trading systems for 35 years. During this time he developed the Bang for Buck trade management strategy. In this article, Nick Radge explains why he developed the Bang for Buck and how you can use it to help choose which trades to take. In the late […]

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Women and money management

Women and Financial Money Management

Whilst it may be a generalisation, too many women leave the family finances to their husband to manage. As a result, if a couple split up, the woman often does not know how to access funds, how much money or assets they hold or if she has adequate superannuation, if any. Whilst no one plans […]

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Learn about the share market

Stock Market Training and Education

Important points to consider if you are going to sign up to a stock market newsletter, advisory service or training course: Value for money. Whilst everyone deserves to be paid for quality services, if a product or service sounds too expensive, then it is. If you spend too much on trading advice, education or training […]

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