recipe for trading success

A Recipe for Trading Success – The Slow Chef

Published May 23rd, 2020 A recipe for success or a recipe for marriage disaster? A few years ago I decided to make a concerted effort to do a little more cooking. Well, maybe start doing some cooking is more like it. We’re talking about a bloke who lived at home until he got married. I […]

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trading fears

Trading Fears: There’s A Monster In The Bed

Published May 23rd, 2020 Trading fears are similar to childhood fears. I remember when I was very very young I’d hear noises in the night. I’d do ‘the walk’ – you know the one that all 4 year olds do. Sprinting down the hall to your parents room and safety from the monsters lurking outside. […]

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digging your way out of trading losses

Trading Help – Dial Before You Dig.

Published May 23rd, 2020 Trading help – we receive these calls most days. It sounds something like this… Above is a picture of a shovel (or spade. Tomato / potato) It is used to dig holes. Unfortunately a lot of people dig holes in inappropriate places…like the stock market. Taking quick profits and not allowing the […]

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Why Useful beats Amazing

Published May 23rd, 2020 Winning Lotto would be amazing. Shooting a hole in one would be amazing. Having a bank account like Warren Buffett would be amazing. But all are grossly unrealistic. Having a job is useful. Just staying on the fairway is useful (note to self). Making each trade, one at a time, day after […]

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some sage advice

Some Sage Advice From Sgt Schultz.

Published May 25th, 2020 Who would have thought some advice from a Stalag 13 guard some 50 years ago would be so useful to investors today? Let me tell you about a guy I knew in 2002. Let’s call him Harold. He was trying to manage his own super fund which was worth around $400,000 […]

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The Slow Chef – Part 2

Published May 25th, 2020 Nick Radge as the Slow Chef – I did try my hand at cooking some 20-years ago before Trish and I were married. The outcome scarred me for many years and quite frankly it’s a miracle she even considered me worthy of marriage from that point on. Newly moved in together […]

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the big easy

The Big Easy.

Published May 19th, 2020 The big easy? In a remarkable turn of events I found myself at the golf range (OK, Trish dragged me out). Alongside me were several international students honing their skills. When I say students I don’t mean students of golf. And when I say honing their skills, well, I was just […]

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