The George Costanza school of trading.

Published June 14th, 2020 Ever watch “Seinfeld“? Cracks me up whenever I watch it. The other night was the episode where George Costanza did everything in opposites. He saw an attractive woman in the diner, walked up to her and, instead of lying and conning her into a date, said he was a short, bald, […]

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diy brazillian

D.I.Y. Brazilian

Published May 21st, 2020 Something has hit the headlines this week that I would like to chat about before it drops off the radar. In the early 90’s I spent 4 years on the trading floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange – yes, the one with hundreds of overpaid, testosterone overloaded 20-somethings who spent their […]

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bringing down the house

Bringing down The House on the Gold Coast

Published May 21st, 2020 Many years ago (pre-children) Trish and I took a holiday to the Gold Coast. After setting ourselves up in a nice apartment overlooking the beach for a week of sun and R&R, we decided to make a trip to Jupiters Casino for dinner at one of the mid-tier eateries and enjoy […]

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Like a casino

Like a Casino: Ramping up the Profits

Published May 22nd, 2020 If you are genuinely interested in improving your trading results let’s head back to the casino (metaphorically!). The casino has another little trick up its sleeve that we can learn from. Previously we’ve pointed out that the casino let’s everyone play – the more people who play the more opportunity the […]

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What I learnt losing $1 million

What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars

Published May 22nd, 2020 What I learned…That’s the title of a book I just finished. It’s a true story of Jim Paul who lived the jet-setting life of a commodities trader. But he lost the lot – $1.6m to be exact, in very quick fashion. From just one bad trade. It reminds me of a […]

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The tale of a boy and a donkey

A Tale of an Old Man, a Boy and a Donkey.

Published May 22nd, 2020 Have you heard the tale of the old man, the boy and their donkey? An old man, a boy and a donkey were going to town. The boy rode on the donkey and the old man walked. As they plodded along they passed some people who remarked it was a shame […]

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Questioning your hiring and firing policy

Questioning your hiring and firing policy.

Published May 22nd, 2020 I’ve never been in a position to be hiring or firing a lot of people. I come from a background of small teams, although I always knew there was someone above doing the nasty work. I recently had a discussion with the owner of a small business that wasn’t going too […]

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trading secrets

Trading Secrets: The Secret Is Not Here…

Published May 23rd, 2020 Trading secrets. Authors claim to know them but the reality is there are no secrets. Just like there’s no Holy Grail (thus why I wrote Unholy Grails). I’m often asked to list my favourite, most influential trading books. The books with trading secrets. Over the last 35 years I’ve read a […]

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billionaire trader

Who wants to be a Billionaire?

Published May 23rd, 2020 I wanna be a billionaire so *@#&ing bad Buy all the things I never had I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen So says Bruno Mars. It wasn’t Forbes but it was the BRW Rich List I was flicking through recently. I […]

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The Problem With Fishing

Calming the Mind & the Problem With Fishing

Published May 21st, 2020 Over the years I have worked hard on calming my mind. Lowering the internal chatter. Moved away from constant stock prices, P&L, systems and other trading ideas that flood it. Now I just read fiction. I rarely read trading books these days. And I used to play a lot of golf. […]

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