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Noosapalooza 2017 Highlights

Welcome to Noosapalooza 2017. I’ve been the business and Client Liaison manager at The Chartist for 19 years. When Nick and I first started the business we went by the name Reef Capital Coaching. Back then we were running an online business selling a single product – a course called Building a Profitable Trading Plan Using Technical Analysis which is still available to our members today within the Community. Nick was the technical analyst and with my business degree and background in personnel and administration we made a great team.

Nick wrote a couple of books – Every Day Traders in 2003 and Adaptive Analysis for Australian Stocks in 2006. Having proofread those books, when Nick mentioned his idea for a third book in 2012 I figured it couldn’t be too hard to publish the book ourselves. Right?

It was hard…but it was worth it. Unholy Grails – A New Road to Wealth was well received. The reviews were excellent. We pre-sold 300 copies and since then we’ve sold over 5000 hardcover copies and thousands of the eBook version.

I’ve published another 3 eBooks for Nick since then.

From personnel to proprietor to publisher.

Reef Capital to The Chartist and Radge Publishing.

Now, I’m not a trader but I am an investor. I used to manage our investment properties but we’ve since sold those and now my investments are strategic long term share holdings of a few Australian and US stocks.

So when Nick and I sit down and prepare for an event like this we’re aware that each of you, like Nick and I, will have different trading or investing styles, you’ll all be at different levels of the learning curve and your desired outcomes will be different too. For that reason we like to invite experts who are outside the bounds of The Chartist. Experts who use different methods or products to The Chartist; like Peter Bell who will be discussing Value Investing or Liz Moran who will talk about bonds, Tim Cole who’ll discuss FX trading and ETFs. But then we’re also aware that there are specialists in our very specific field of technical analysis who we can learn from too. So we’re thrilled that Donald Dony, owner of the Technical Speculator, agreed to come out from beautiful Victoria Island in Canada specifically for this event and to deliver 2 presentations.

14 presentations from 10 experts. It’s a lot to pack into 2 days. Now you may feel that some topics aren’t relevant to you but it may just be the stage you’re at in your investing career. At each stage of your ‘investing lifecycle’ it’s good to look at your situation and identify changes that can be made: perhaps you’re at a stage when you have more time on your hands and you could add a new product or method? Or maybe you’ve started a new job and find yourself with very little time to concentrate on trading so you need to pare things back a bit and move to a longer term strategy. By presenting you with an array of topics, even if you can’t use a method or product straight away, you may recall a presentation or presenter in the future and re-look at that information.

We hope you’ll get the chance to look around Noosa while you’re here. This is our home town and we’re very proud to share it with you.