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The Slow Chef - Part 2

have your cake and eat it tooI did try my hand at cooking some 20-years ago before Trish and I were married. The outcome scarred me for many years and quite frankly it's a miracle she even considered me worthy of marriage from that point on.

Newly moved in together and unsupervised I decided to cook up some tasty muffins from a recipe I found.

How bad could it get?

I dutifully made the mixture as per the instructions and started carefully placing it into the muffin tray. The dilemma I immediately faced was that I had enough mixture for 24 muffins, but a tray that only handled 6.

Naturally I filled the 6...and threw the rest in the bin. It wouldn't fit, so why keep it?

I know, I know. Moron.

When Trish came home I proudly presented my 6 muffins. Of course the tone of the conversation changed somewhat when I pointed out the problem with the baking tray. She checked the bin and flipped the proverbial lid.

I get it now! But heck, I just didn't see it then.

Those defining moments of clarity occur everywhere, including investing and trading in the stock market. Defining moments where you gain real insight and wisdom.

Trailing stop losses to avoid another GFC disaster. Understanding positive expectancy. Adjusting your positions to maximise returns. Finding a repeating pattern that offers an exceptional edge.

Sometimes these Aha! moments are enough to change your life.

They can be big or small, surprising and inspiring. Sometimes they can be funny, or, as in my case, somewhat sad.

Still looking for investment enlightenment? I might be able to help