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Some Sage Advice From Sgt Schultz.

sage adviceWho would have thought some advice from a Stalag 13 guard some 50 years ago would be so useful to investors today?

Let me tell you about a guy I knew in 2002. Let's call him Harold.

He was trying to manage his own super fund which was worth around $400,000 at the time.

It's probably worth much the same today, over 10 years on, which makes sense because he was simply too scared to actually place a trade or invest - in anything.

Harold absorbs all things Doom & Gloom.

You know the newsletters and blogs I'm talking about - global depression, Gold to $5,000, Dow to 500, hoard crates of baked beans in the fortified bunker where you can hide from the Government. Bernanke and the Fed have us all sewn up. The Freemasons control Oil and pushing prices to the moon (which they also own).

Sure, fear sells.

But he missed one of the greatest bull markets of our generation. And you cannot afford to miss those.

How expensive was the Doom & Gloom advice? For Harold?

His $400,000 would now be worth $960,000, so about $560,000 worth of growth. That's a serious contribution to any SMSF.

By all means have an opinion. Read a newsletter or two. Scan the blogosphere. Watch and wonder what's happening up there on the moon.

But remember it's all just noise. And it can be expensive.

So next time you're making investment decisions amongst the noise, remember Sgt Schultz's advice...

"I see nothing!"


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