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Happy birthday to The Chartist

Happy 50th birthdayHappy 50th birthday  to The (Ultimate) Chartist, Nick Radge.

Nick and I have lived together for half his lifetime (blimey!) so I think, on this special occasion, I can share a few insights into what it’s like living with a professional trader.

He hasn’t always been a successful trader. I would classify our first 10 years together as ‘the learning years’ or BS (before success) and the last 15 years as SS (since success).

Here’s my take on things:
1. Living with SS is far less stressful than living with BS. The BS trader is distracted, cranky and basically miserable. SS trader is calm and follows a predictable routine (not nearly as boring as it sounds).
2. SS Trader's routine means he has more time for fishing. BS Trader is always on his computer, checking his trades, trying different strategies.

3. BS spent tonnes of money on trading tools and education. SS trader spends money on fishing equipment (he's now stuck in the fishing beginner's cycle).
5. SS Trader is far more interesting. BS Trader discussed stocks with every Tom, Dick and Harriette who'd listen. Yawn!
6. Neither BS or SS Trader had hair…but that could be a function of me.?

Happiest of birthdays Nick.