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Trading the Share Price Not the Valuation

Recently Nick Radge was interviewed by Tony Featherstone for the Australian Stock Exchange, ASX. In the interview Nick explains momentum investing and why he choses to trade the share price, not the valuation. The interview was recorded in September 2014 in Sydney.

Unholy Grails is available here.




Global Chart Research Example

This short video is a sample of The Chartist Global Chart Research by Scott Goddard. Scott analyses 3 markets or companies on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. In this video Scott is looking at the NASDAQ.

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ASX Chart Research example

This video is an example of The Chartist ASX Chart Research. Each evening we review 3 Australian stocks from a technical perspective.

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About the Growth Portfolio

In this short video Nick Radge takes you on a tour of The Chartist secure area and specifically the Growth Portfolio. Learn how to follow this strategy.

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