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Supply and Demand

supply and demandUnderstanding supply and demand can help us become more successful traders.

Supply and demand tends to be the professional trader's main focus.

This means researching the relationship between price action, volume and price spreads.

Novice traders however focus on technical analysis indicators; moving averages, stochastics, time cycles, astrological factors etc.

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Random Markets & Other Misconceptions

random marketsMost people see movements in the stock market as being random. Or at the very least heavily influenced by news. 

Yet how many times do we see a stock or market move in the opposite direction to what we thought it was going to do?

Sudden moves can often surface out of nowhere, and appear to have little to do with logic. 

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Beliefs and Objectives.

Beliefs TradingBefore you start trading it's good time to review your beliefs about trading, the markets, what you feel is possible, what you believe to be probable and what you think is false.

Once you've thought these through, review your objectives. What exactly are you wanting to achieve? What are you good at? What skills or traits do you lack? What about your own personal risk tolerances?

The beliefs held by many of the world's great traders can be found in various texts, such as the Market Wizards series by Jack Schwager.

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Stop. Revive. Survive.

Stop. RevivePreviously we've discussed how being passionate about what you do is an important ingredient towards success and longevity. 

And in our last newsletter we emphasised how exercise should be an essential part of everyone's weekly trading strategy to maintain physical and psychological well being. 

However, beware the paradox that can come into play as we embrace these types of strategies. 

That is, physical and mental well being may be keeping us in the game when what we really need to be doing is taking a break. 

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Move to Improve Your Trading Results

Move to Improve Your Trading ResultsLove trading?

For many of us it's a passion, whether we're trading full time or as a secondary income. 

With an endless learning curve, trading can be all-consuming with every spare moment spent in front of the computer. And this is where trading starts becoming an unhealthy pursuit. 

There are the obvious health concerns with spending too much time in front of our screens. One of the biggest is the sedentary lifestyle that comes with sitting for hours on end.

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The Biggest Business in the World

The Biggest Business in the WorldNo, it's not Apple Inc (AAPL), (AMZN) or Alphabet (GOOGL).

Every day billions of dollars change hands across stock, futures and currency markets around the world. As traders and investors, participating in these markets means taking part in the biggest business on the planet.

Major businesses have measurable goals and vision for now and into the future.

Yet you may be surprised to hear what the goals and visions are for the biggest of them all, Global Markets.

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Tips for Trend Following

trading buddiesWe all like trading trends. It's the name of the game when it comes to trading profitably over the longer term.

So, what are the trend trading rules? 

Here are some simple yet robust rules that will hold you in good stead no matter what times frames you are trading. 

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Accountability for Trading Success

Fotolia 43457476 XSIn a recent article we spoke about the isolation that can come through trading for a living. 

So, how can isolation lead to accountability issues?

In a normal day job, most people are accountable to their immediate manager and may have KPI's to meet. As a minimum the manager is keeping a watchful eye over what you're doing.

Yet for traders, who generally work from home alone, the situation is very different.

Do we need to keep ourselves accountable as traders?

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If I had to choose one trading strategy...

Total Real ReturnWithout hesitation - trend following. To be more specific, long side trend following using individual stocks.


A variety of reasons.

In my view it's the easiest way to generate a positive expectancy, specifically the ability to allow winners to get bigger, yet keep losers as small as possible.

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Improve Your Results By Giving Up

iStock 000007651615 261We've spoken before about the qualities required to be a successful trader. There are a million and one books about it, some better than others.

Yet what about the ingrained traits that we should be GIVING UP to take us to the next level?

Giving up in this case isn't the same as Giving in. 

Giving in is waving the white flag and moving on.

Giving up is using the white flag to wipe away bad habits and attitudes and replace them with new thought processes that are going to serve you better. 

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