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The Unforgiving Teacher

the unforgiving teacherGuess what? Markets don't care if you lose money. They don't care if you make money. They don't care if you make mistakes. And they certainly don't care if you're going through a hard time or stressed and anxious and not coping.

We can learn a lot from the markets in relation to our trading. Yet if you are looking for a shoulder to cry on, a cuddle, or a sympathetic ear, don't expect the markets to be there for you.

Markets are simply hard-nosed, unemotional processors of buy and sell orders that couldn't care what your involvement is.

And you wanted to be a Trader!

If you want to become a success in this game, you need to become an unforgiving student to your unforgiving teacher. And I don't mean to apply this to life in general; just when you enter the trading arena. Simply put, you need to have your game face on, and follow your plan without fail and without distractions.

Now this is not a battle between student and teacher either. This is about expectations. We can learn an immense amount from what the markets are teaching us. Yet they are not here to place your trades, force you to be disciplined, or provide a report card at the end of day to rate your performance. Nor are they here to offer advice on how to improve. This is all up to you.

You are the one that needs to assess your reward to risk. You are the one that needs to keep your losses small. You are the one that needs to understand that losing small 20 times can be far better than losing big one time. You need to understand that you will learn more from your mistakes than when you are right. You need to understand the benefits of trading in the present, leaving past mistakes behind, and planning for the future.

The battle is with yourself, not the markets. The markets will beat you around the head every now and then to keep you on your toes. Yet at the end of the day it doesn't care whether you are listening or not.

So embrace your teacher for all the learning experiences it provides.

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