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The True Meaning of Wealth

the true meaning of wealthWhen asked about the meaning of WEALTH, most responses centre around money.

Sure, money gives us options.

Yet keeping a narrow view of money can lead to a poorer outlook in other aspects of your life.

A common theme with successful traders is they rarely focus on the money.

Not because they shun monetary wealth.

It's because they know it takes away from what is important.

And that's following the process and executing their strategy without question.

Money can often take our focus away from other aspects of life that are more holistic and fulfilling.

So next time someone asks you what your definition of wealth is, take money out of the picture, then see what you come up with.

Here are a few of my definitions of wealth to get you thinking, in no particular order:

1) Having a true purpose in life.

2) Freedom and choice.

3) Good health.

4) Money and possessions yet without the waste and clutter.

5) Close family & friends loaded with connecting conversations (away from social media)

6) Laughter and happiness.

7) The ability to give and receive freely and unconditionally.

8) Love.

9) Giving your time to help others.

10) Being open to new ideas, change & personal growth.

Traders who are successful understand that having a diversified life is what makes them rich.

In fact it is the main catalyst for their personal wealth creation when money stops being the primary focus.

Thus is the paradox of life.

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