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The Bear List

watch listThe momentum anomaly can be found in both bull and bear markets.

Whilst I personally focus on trading the long side with momentum, it's a popular choice for discretionary traders on the short side during times of negative sentiment.

Considering global markets are at risk of a more sustained correction, or possibly even a bear market, we've introduced the Momo-50 Bear Watchlist within our Trade Long Term service.

The Momo-50 Bear watchlist uses the same algorithm as the bull side, except in reverse. In other words it lists the 'weakest of the weakest'. These are the stocks that will have a tendency to continue lower.

momo 50

Using a watchlist is convenient for several reasons; they allow you to focus on specific trading setups and avoid much of the noise going on elsewhere. They also ensure your measure of momentum isn't arbitrary.

The Momo-50 Bear watchlist is now live and available to any traders or investors that have registered at Trade Long Term.

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