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Roger Federer Doesn't Bleed...

tennisAfter the 2017 Roger Federer victory at Wimbledon, Jim Courier made the comment...

"He doesn't bleed. He's not human." 

It was said in reference to his psychological fortitude, his superior emotional strength.

Even though the stress was immense, Federer relied on his years of training. Followed his game plan. Allowed the cards to fall where they may. 

It's the trait of every successful sportsman. Anyone can hit a tennis ball. But not everyone can cope when big money is on the line. 

And anyone can place a trade.

But doing so when it's most needed requires immense psychological fortitude.

You can't teach that. It's not on the internet or in a book.

Instead you need to experience the fear. Nurture it. Become comfortable with it. Push through and rely on the training and the plan. 

Yet, sometimes, during the learning process, it can all turn ugly.

Like for me 30-years ago when I couldn't get out of bed. My mouth was full of ulcers and blisters. Even breathing was painful.

I had lost everything in the '87 crash and made myself sick with worry.

I deserved it though. I had no plan. No exit strategy. No risk management. No diversification.


And that's why I got sick.

Fast forward to today. 

I have more to lose than my 20-year old self did all those years ago. I have a family. Commitments. Wouldn't mind side-stepping toward retirement.

But now I have a plan. An exit strategy. Risk management. Diversification.

And because I have nurtured my fears I can rely on my training.

And let the market do what the market needs to do.

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